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Thursday, May 10, 2018

On The Roam Again

So what happened with our porch resident Raccoon? The short answer to that is, it is on the roam again. The 2. morning after the traps were set the raccoon was gone. We don't know what became of it, but it sure was gone. 
So life could go on the normal way, for us and for Dixie.
I am currently having a pre-season job of building a rail along the float at Welshpool Wharf, and I am working there until around 2:30pm. Then it's time to go to the beach.

We are enjoying a lot of sun lately and it warms up the dark beach sand, making it very inviting to just sit down and enjoy the scenery. Dixie comes along as well and the other day we met the dogs "Wilbur" and "Forest" coming in from the south side. Wilbur is a Beagle-Basset-Corgy mix and only 2 years old. He is full of energy and started to play with Dixie right away. Not so Forest, who is a Pug. Forest was extremely tired and took advantage of the situation by falling asleep in the warm sand. Meanwhile I was having a conversation with the lady who was walking the dogs for her family. Of course, dog stories were dominating the talk. 

Slowly we were walking back to our vehicles, Wilbur and Dixie letting out their energy.

Being back from the beach I thought how extremely fortunate we are that we are living in this lovely place and being able to enjoy this as our daily reality.

I am still set with my antique laptop, but are having hopes to receive the new one some time today. So pictures will resume shortly.


  1. Nice that you can enjoy the ares. Good luck with your new laptop too.

  2. Spring time by the ocean or lakes are truly most enjoyable...took the pontoon out yesterday on Long Pond`drifting with the loons...relaxing.


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