Tuesday, May 22, 2018

America In The 21th Century

6 beliefs of right-wing Americans:

1. The earth is flat.  
     How could I  ever miss this important fact?
2. The waters of the oceans are rising because of all the rocks falling into the water!
      I must admit, I never thought of that! Why didn't we  learn that in school?
3. God chooses the President
     Is that election manipulation and why did God chose Obama?.
4. There never was any evolution.
    Another important information I missed in school.
5. Undocumented immigrants are animals.
    What kind? And Jews are animals too (A.Hitler)
6. White Americans are genetically superior.
    Just wondering why they hide in those costumes.


  1. If “truth” is judged on the basis of Enlightenment ideas of reason and more or less objective “evidence,” many of the substantive positions common on the right seem to border on delusional. The left is certainly not immune to credulity (most commonly about the safety of vaccines, GMO foods, and fracking), but the right seems to specialize in it.

  2. 7. NAFTA is very difficult. Mexico has been very difficult to deal with. Canada has been very difficult to deal with ... but I will tell you that in the end we win," Trump told reporters at the White House. (Please continue to be difficult )


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