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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Crash, Bang, Kaputt!

It borders to a wonder that I am still able to make a posting tonight, because my laptop, a Toshiba crashed to the floor and broke up. And I really mean BROKE UP. The flimsy plastic body of it cracked along the hinges and there was no way to save it. Getting into a panic I used my cell phone to find laptop deals, but it almost drove me nuts. Every time I clicked on an item to see the details, I wasn't able to get back to the main sales page, and had to start it all over again. This morning we used Bea's Mac-Book and found a Lenovo with a 1TB HDD for $219. It was a Wally Mart deal but one had to order it. So I drove 60 miles to Calais to get to our closest Walmart.

It's gonna arrive on Wednesday.

Now, the reason I am still able to post tonight is my older than old 2005 Toshiba Satellite, which I have nursed back to life. This whole experience goes to show the degree of us getting more and more dependent of modern media. In fact, I am feeling amputated and frustrated. This old laptop may be good enough to make a simple no-picture posting, but as soon I go looking for something on the internet it will stall. The operational system is still based on WIN~XP.

Now, meanwhile the weather has changed to the better. Driving back from Calais today, I noticed several trees turning out green leaves. Our lawn changed from brown to green within 3 days, and I made sure our riding lawn mower is in operating mode as well, cause it won't take long now until I be riding this thing up and down the property. Also Dixie is obviously enjoying spring time.  Spring is definitely my favorite time of the year. The fresh green induces hope that nature will endure despite the many sins of human kind.


  1. I think your spring is ahead of us here in Okla. Too bad about your computer. Glad you found another. I'm about ready to upgrade my desktop as the current one is a 2011 model and getting slower than winter molasses!!

  2. The laptop I'm using is a Lenovo from Wally Mart, great deal and works great. I'm now glad the one I had before was no longer very functional. Hopefully, that's what your experience will be. Sorry you had such a frustrating experience, though, Mary

  3. You got lucky with your lap top, it lasted a very long time, last windows computer I used had XP, but now much prefer my Mac Book pro, Sure sounds like good deal on your new one


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