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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Heeelp…It’s Freeeezing…….

Holy cow….this morning opening the door gave me a scare. I was hit with an ice cold force, kind of blowing me right back inside. What the heck was this?  Thermometer showed minus 22C again, but there was this ferocious mind-chilling blast out there which brought the temps down to…..-35 (at least)
1-FrostLetting out Dixie in this condition, was not an option. And as I turned around, mindful
Dixie had already retreated into the living room where a fire was making attempts to warm up the room.
While the US eastcoast had received more than a fair share of snow, we just got rain. Rain froze to ice making for great skating rinks. Of course nobody is out there, not yet.
Neighbours are not to be seen unless driving by in their cars.
Yesterday, we were still on the beach – for a short visit, today, that would be suicide.


  1. Who was that masked man?? Hang in there,finally warming here in Florida and we'll send some north.

  2. Oh my that is cold glad you can stay inside and keep war,.


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