Thursday, January 18, 2018

OK, We've Got Some Snow And Oh Sooo Pretty

We finally got what can be expected in January. Yup, we got some snow. Not too much, just 8 inches, but sooo very pretty that we needed to get ourselves out there in between all that Winter-Wonder-Land and we took tons of pictures. With us was the little Dixie-Pixie, who had even more fun with all that snow racing, and jumping around like crazy. It is truly gratifying to see this happy little dog enjoying life to its fullest. I will spare you for more verbal praise, just let the pictures tell the tale.
This posting is still done directly via Blogger, as Open Life Writer still refuses to cooperate.
Blue skies are temping us to get outside

                                                  Below: Eastport in the distance


Head Harbour Lightstation w. ferry to Grand Manan in back


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