Wednesday, January 3, 2018

When The Cold Finally Broke

It’s like we almost got used to it. Just the other day a neighbour told me “You look like you are going to the arctic”. Hell…I have been LIVING in the arctic for most of December. Well, arctic temperatures, that is.

But today the cold broke, giving us all a break to breathe and get the bodies moving again. We took off right after lunch, packed up the little Dixie-Pixie and entered the sunny beach where I could actually feel the warming sunrays through my thick jacket.


Folks, I tell you it was like summer had broken out.


Dixie finding “treasures”

Dixie was rocketing back and forth and it was obvious that she too enjoyed the change in temperatures.       1-DSC_0613                                                The big root                   

What the temperature was?  Well, just above freezing, but there was no wind. When you move from –22C to above freezing, ANYTHING feels like summer. Friendly waves lapping ashore, the tide was just receding, it was GORGEOUS.


BUT….it’s all gonna change again tomorrow. Winds are expected at more than 75km/hr. and we will be drenched first in rain and later inundated with lots of snow. How much, I don’t want to speculate in, but it could be substantial.
We are prepared for power outages and have stocked up with food and water.

CNN is speaking of a monster winter cyclone, but I’ll take that with a little salt. Usually, it doesn’t get that bad around these parts.

Enjoy where ever you might be!


  1. Sounds like a good decision to stock up. That storm could get serious.

  2. The calm before the storm. If it makes you feel better,I'm sitting in front of the Mr. Buddy heater this morning in Lakeland,Fl.

    1. We heard that even Miami was cold yesterday.


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