Monday, October 23, 2017

Slowly Getting Back To Normal

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we lost Molly and we’ve had a rough time. We are looking at adopting a new dog through a shelter or rescue organisation. Right now local shelters have very few dogs and we have started looking at farther-away shelters. Made an application to a rescue organisation in Ontario last night but haven’t heard back yet.
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A dog by the name of MAX has caught our interest. He is Golden Retriever cross-breed and is at a pound in Northern Quebec, from where we would have to pick him up.
MAX is only 1 year old, but we don’t know much of him yet.

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Another shelter in Nova Scotia offers “Boomer and Cookie”, a Border Collie and a Jack Russel which they seek to adopt away together. Some shelters, have strange rules. For example the requirement of having a “fenced yard”.  We have seen dogs kept in fenced yards for 10hrs and more, all alone by themselves. These dogs get bored, feeling lonely, so they start to voice their frustration through constantly barking up the neighborhood. It is hard to understand why many shelter administrations are still hanging on to a requirement like that. Rather than asking for a fenced yard, they should evaluate the new owner’s work situation. Why are people who know they are going to be away from home for the entire length of day, allowed to adopt a dog? Dogs are the human’s best friend but are we the best friend of our furry companions? We should be, but unfortunately modern life often comes in the way, making our dog’s life miserable. Hopefully, the Ontario rescue is understanding this, cause we have no plans of building a fenced yard on a 7ac property.


  1. Max looks like he might have been Molly's brother. Boomer and Cookie are mighty fine looking also.Hope you find one as loving as Molly.

  2. I have fostered for rescue organizations that required a fence, and there were times we didn't follow that rule, so I encourage you to inquire and describe your situation to them. i placed a few dogs with retired folks, people who primarily worked from home, or people who worked 5 minutes away and could easily come home during the day. The fenced yard wasn't important in those situations and the people could provide a loving home. Is there a local rescue that could do a home check and vouche for you if needed? hope this helps.

  3. Its been over a year since Scooter died and I still have terrible days when I miss her so much I can hardly stand it. But getting Rocky Joe from a rescue really has helped us and him to heal. The hole in our hearts isn't quite so big. We explained to the rescue that we lived in an RV with no fenced yard but that we were home full time and took lots of walks on a leash. They had no problem with us adopting RJ. Sure hope the rescues up your way are willing to take a look at the fact you are home all day and that the dog would be loved beyond everything.


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