Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Strong Wind–But No Storm Here

While much of Maine was pounded by a strong hurrican-style storm, Campobello stayed relatively calm. Gusts may have been at 50mph but no trees fell over hitting the power lines. Driving rain, yes, but the brunt went north towards Quebec. However, I was curious to take a look from Liberty Point. It was pretty rough out there, and I had to park in an angle away from the wind or I would get my camera wet.
With the sidewindow down just a tad, I was able to shoot through the open gap, yet it was hard to avoid getting rain drops on the lens, and the van was rocking.
1-DSC_0819The wind was blowing from the south-east straight over from Grand Manan.

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  1. Glad you missed losing power on the island......we were not so lucky,450,000 of us without power for two days now going on three,many trees down and I'm pretty sure the power will not be back anytime soon.However we are lucky enough to have our motorhome with the diesel generator going and the woodstove burning.Better off than our friends in Puerto Rico,Florida and Texas though.Maybe heading to Florida a bit sooner than planned given the situation.


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