Friday, July 21, 2017

Why, Just Why Would God Bless This….?

It’s not so long ago that someone commenting on this blog “excused” the election of Trump as the president of the U.S. by saying that it was God’s will. Besides of the fact that God does not interfere in elections, we can today be pretty confident that God would most certainly have a really bad time today, IF he had interfered in the election of Trump. Instead, we are learning that the Russians have interfered in the election and I just can’t imagine that God wanted that to happen. After all, the Russians have lived as Atheists and had banned all churches during the time of the soviet rule.

But read here what a New Yorker has to say about Trump”:

America in Crisis

July 21, 2017


Nat Levine

I've been to Russia 25 times, I've worked for Trump's partners Alex Schnaider and Sam Kislin. I've met Trump 6 times at his charity events and have known him for 30 years. He lost the primaries in New York by 30% percentage points where we know his cons best, he's absolutely clueless.

He fails at everything he does and then he quits with many bankruptcies and frauds. Personally, I would not let him manage a shoe shine stand. Who borrows money at 18% borrowing junk bonds and expects to make a profit ??? Only a thief and an imbecile.

Putting people of color in the back of the casinos and screwing his contractors and employees was the last straw for me. If you don't think that this administration is the most corrupt in the History of U.S. politics, you are a special kind of Stupid. Remember, crocodiles have no friends and they will all go down!!!!!

Russiagate will make Watergate seem like a tea party. Remember, Trump ran as a ruse and not a serious candidate initially as his closet was filled with skeletons. He truly is a Narcissist, a Sociopath and a Pathological liar. The time to Impeach is now. Put pressure on your representatives!!!!! The TRUMPTANIC is sinking and the Rats all want a deal. Things are pretty bad when your lawyers need lawyers​.

The thing I'm most familiar with is the money laundering by taking dirty Russian blood money and buying Trump properties as Trump knew all along. Not only will no contractor do any business with him as he doesn't pay his bills, he also stiffs his attorneys and no bank in the Western hemisphere will loan him even one dollar.

He also stiffs hotels, bankrupts families​ and tips poorly at restaurants. He is the lowest form of human life. He's even charging the Republican party 3 times the actual rent and stealing from his cancer charities. Think about that as pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. That's only Russia, what about his shady partners in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and many more countries. We need to see those taxes or him to resign.

He has accomplished absolutely nothing during his time in office and his approval rating will continue to fall. Putting a well known scam artist in the oval office was unfathomable to us New Yorkers who know him well. If a candidate loses his own state by 30% percentage points, why would anyone vote for such a con artist filled with empty promises and more baggage than United Airlines.

Not only does Bob Mueller have access to Donald Trump Jr.'s incriminating emails, he also has intercepted text messages from Paul Manafort's daughters implicating their Father for taking $10 million USD in blood money where Russians are always winding up dead whenever he's there. I'm not saying I know how this will unfold, but with bank accounts being subpoenaed plus all texts, emails and taxes, more than 70-80 FISA warrants went out.

Trump can be impeached on Amendment 25 which is the Emoluments clause, but with Mueller hiring special prosecutors to go after Trump personally, it's going to be a shit storm of epic proportions. Keep in mind that Putin is worth $85 Billion Dollars and has a piece of everything of value in Russia and nothing goes on without his approval or you wind up dead. Trump owes the Russian owned Blackstone group an awful lot of money and if he can't deliver by lifting the sanctions, it's not going to be a pretty picture for he and his evil spawn.

We have an illegitimate President who was proven to collude with the Russians to steal the election and in my opinion, the blatant skullduggery and complicity should nullify the election making Hillary Clinton our legitimate President. The lies will end up doing them all in like Flynn but the widespread cover up will bring the whole house of cards down as Mueller is gathering enough data for an airtight case that will tie them all together. It's not if they are going down, it's only a matter of when. Trump's own family will eventually lead to his demise.


  1. YUUP!......Just totally insane what's going...I can't say anymore or the H/S will be beating my door down..
    I hope you, my friends up North survive this insanity..
    I'm not kidding...

  2. The free world needs strong America like in the good old times, lets hope it will happen and better sooner than later.


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