Sunday, July 9, 2017

From Fog To Bright Sun (It’s called SUNday For A Reason.

When first looking out the front window this morning, I had a problem seeing my neighbour’s house across the road. It was that foggy. A good day to hang out in the shop. So after a lazy breakfast, I ambled over to my shop starting work by doing a little cleanup after yesterday’s work. I needed 17 more rail boards to complete my project on the balcony. While I was busy inside the shop, the fog lifted off, and the sun peeked out raising the temps to some muggy 23 degrees. I went inside and changed into a thin shirt and shorts again. Now I was glad that I had my work in the cooler shop.  I was almost done with my 17 boards, when the saw blade from my jigsaw fell away. It’s a Bosch and usually that means good quality, and my saw is actually 15 years old. I tried to re-insert the blade tightening the top crew, but the darn thing came off again and again. Finally, I heard something plopping on the floor some where…and gone was the screw. It had been ejected and followed some ballistic route into the chaos of my shop’s rear end.

I had only 3 boards left to be cut out, what to do?  Could I be lucky enough to find a replacement screw with the right thread?
After rummaging around on my work table I found a box with threaded screws of the right diameter, but the head needed to be cut off, ……and off it came. Next I needed to cut a slot into the top end of the screw so I could use a screw driver for tightening. It wasn’t looking pretty but it worked and the screw turned out to have the correct thread. A victory in itself!
Bosch saw                                      My saw..exactly

Another adjustment was to make it slimmer on the low end as otherwise the screw would not get down to the sawblade. My bench grinder was usefull yet again. All this turned out to take a significant part out of my work day to get these boards done. But after going to this trouble, I got the remaining 3 boards done. By 2pm I had even sanded the boards. Meanwhile it had gotten extremely muggy and hot outside. I made myself a lemonade and crept up in the shade of our porch. Later, a cooling breeze sprang up, making the rest of the day really nice.
Bea had been at work at the motel for a while and when she came home she went for a nap. I took the car and headed straight to Herring Cove for a beach stroll.

Gawd, this was nice. A warm summer breeze was coming up the beach, small waves were lapping along the sandy shore and a few visitors with their small children were lounging in the sand. 
Life can be so wonderful on a sunny Sunday!


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