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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Weekend Blues

OMG…it’s another weekend and soon we are having mid-July. Summer is running away before we have been able to really enjoy it.  Our summer visitors are coming here to enjoy a cooler weather than they have at home -  reverse snowbirds – they are.

And maybe one of the reasons why we always think summer is over so quickly, is that we are all so busy during our summer months.

Chores are lined up for us every day. There is the lawn to be mowed, the plants to be watered, the vehicles to be cleaned, and visitors to be serviced with tours. There is maintenance and construction around the house, and only once in a while we go out, listening to music, meeting neighbours.





George playing the piano

But would I like it any other way? 


All these activities make all the difference to the winter. It gives us opportunity to be out and about, to enjoy the sun, the summer breeze and a lot of very friendly people. A prospect of just sitting around scares the heck out of me . It is some thing I know will happen to us, when we get really, really old and the bones refuse to obey the brain – provided there is anything left of the latter. July 08 was a rather “hot” day on the island, and with “hot” I mean really a little too warm. But I stripped my shirt, stalked around in shorts, and painted boards. Not just any boards but the ones I later nailed to the balcony rails.


The Design is Norwegian


Those boards have been a lot of work. First the cutting out, the sanding and finally the painting. But I like the final look.

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