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Friday, June 2, 2017

Never Before….

Never before has a United States President been so far off reality.
Never before has a United States President been laughed at all over the world, and that without being funny.
Never before has a United States President been  ignorant  of 75% of the U.S. population.
Never before has a sitting U.S. President condemned the entire established press corps and called them fake news.

Trump has now gone too far. His decision to leave the Paris climate agreement has angered the CEOs of many major American companies.
1-Fullscreen capture 622017 81425 PM1-Fullscreen capture 622017 75054 PM"Donald Trump is such a pariah figure that companies want zero association with his brand," one CEO said. "He's championing dirty air and polluted water. He's anti-science. Why would a Fortune 500 CEO want to be associated with that?"

Why would ANYBODY want to be associated with Trump?  Well, I guess we know the reason. Trump is still using the language of the non-college population. He is still broadcasting his simple man-on-the-street solutions, which are largely beyond existing reality. By doing that he is showing to all that he is not fit to be President and the leader of the free world. And he is certainly not fit to be Commander in Chief of the American forces. And may be worst of it all: He is not learning of his catastrophic mistakes.

It's not just Trump's latest decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement -- a pact that 194 other nations have signed. That was only the latest in a continuing stream of decisions by Trump and his top deputies to turn aside the nation's place as a beacon of progress, stability, and global stewardship.

By moving America out of the Paris deal – btw. a process that could take years, an intriguing prospect considering the investigations dogging the Trump administration -- Trump is tapping the brakes on what had been America's surging leadership in clean energy innovation. He's doing it under the pretext of saving American jobs. But the argument does not stand up to scrutiny, and evidence is all around. Consider, for one example, the technological and manufacturing leaps of companies such as Tesla, the electric car maker, now the country's most valuable car manufacturer.

Trump has left reality a long time ago, but it is now that America is seeing the hard-core results of his insane ideas.

Will there be any hope the American people will speak up during the bi-elections in 2018?  It will be up to the Democrats to show strength and save the country from utter destruction.


  1. Perhaps it's time to refill the swamp before the zombies do us in ! Once again we have put AmeriKa last !


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