Sunday, June 11, 2017

Thank You Donald For Making It All So Clear!

At least since the bestseller "World Power USA - An Obituary" by Emmanuel Todd, we know that America is in decline. Only - we just did not want to believe it..

For most, the US was the nursery of freedom, the Main Street sign of liberal democracy.

Today we know better. The strive for ownership over the oil resources has led to the Iraq wars. The second war against this Third World country could be justified only with the most daring lies about chemical weapons against the world.

As a result, the entire Middle East was thrown into absolute chaos.

From the peace keeper to creator of unrest.

America has long since mutated from the international force for order and peace(WWII) into a creator of unrest in the world.

After the World Trade Center attacks, the US moved from injured and sympathetic America, to become a narcissistic, unpredictable and aggressive America that today gives the impression of absolute irresponsibility.

If we still had the impression that President Bush jr. at least was still guided by his advisors, today, the most powerful man in the world acts completely detached by utilizing Twitter.

But why should we thank Him?

Because Donald Trump, the narcissistic psychopath, today also eviscerates the last doubt that the imperial power of the United States desperately struggles for its position in the world.

Let us hope that America's isolated position will ensure that the nation's move into a position of lesser importance will be largely calm, and that the country will find its place among equals, without  a major shift in world politics.

North Korea or USA - who is more dangerous?

The development of shale oil deposits in the interior makes the Middle East increasingly uninteresting for the USA. Imperious threats against weak opponents are actually obsolete, if it wouldn’t be for the old doctrine of Carl von Clausewitz: "Do you have internal political problems - create an external enemy".

The American struggle for oil and fear of loss of political significance in the United States has pushed the Middle East into chaos and given Europe its results - the great refugee crisis; But also the Islamic terror.

Although Europe owes this crisis to the US, America is not interested in solving the refugee crisis, but Donald Trump uses ISIS as the much needed external enemy. His irresponsibility does not surface through diplomatical phrases, but openly as "America First" - everything else does not matter.

Thanks Donald: We owe this to you. Hopefully, you will last four years. Because it is to be feared that after a successful resignation or impeachment procedure everything would go on as before and this episode would be classified as a political slip. But that is not so. Only the results of a catastropic 4 years of Trumpism can make America wake up again of a bad dream and correct its course.

America must join the equal rights league of the free world if it does not want to lose its influence even more.

And it is time for European politicians to understand this and to stand up to America accordingly. The analysis of Emmanuel Todd has shown that democracies are weakening where they were strong and grow stronger where they were weak.

From democracy to oligarchy

The further development of a formerly strong democracy has already been described by Aristotle 2500 years ago; It is the oligarchy that follows the (strong) democracy. A process that can be seen nicely in the USA.

Democracy first strengthened through a general and broad education of the population, happening during the years 1950 to 1965 in the USA. It was the American universalism making America loved and admired almost everywhere in the whole world.

The further developed differentiation of the level of education resulted in an "overclass", which was no longer willing to submit to the democratic rules of the game, because it considers itself to be something better.

Experts are appalled. The oligarchization tendency is emerging. The European dream is to learn from the mistakes of the USA, especially since the sociology of Europe, with the exception of England, shows that the individualism is not as strongly developed.

Europe versus the USA

Europe must ultimately emancipate itself from the paternalism of the USA. 321 million Americans are facing 743 million Europeans with a much more efficient industry, a better functioning health care system and relatively stable old-age provision, as well as a much more modern and intact infrastructure. The US trade deficit against almost every country on earth shows only one thing: the USA are dependent on the rest of the world and not vice versa. The US lives and consumes at the expense of the rest of the world. As a trade deficit simply means that a society imports more than it exports, consumes more than produces. It is the same problem that Greece has, just on a very different scale. Thus, the next financial and economic crisis is pre-programmed.

"Thanks Donald", that you are making this American problem so clear to us all. Now, despite its own identity crisis, Europe must show the strength it owes to its position in the world. Now Europe must go its own way. Not blindly following the American model and entering the so-called neo-liberal path to the oligarchy but creating a social and free liberal Europe. How is it so apt to say: "The smart one learns from its own faults - the wise one from the faults of the others."

Can we be wise? It remains exciting.

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  1. If only I could bring myself to disagree,but alas I can not.Thanks,Not My President !


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