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Monday, May 29, 2017

Mission Failed. Trump’s G7 “Success”

A returning Trump is boasting about how successful the G7 summit and the Nato meetings have been. “A fantastic trip” –,,,,,maybe for his personal well-being. He wants to impress his supporters and deflect from all his home-grown internal problems. But his lies are quickly uncovered by the sounds from Europe. Angela Merkel has reminded her European partners not to rely on the U.S.
National security issues have to be solved without the United States. Trump has made America obsolete as a partner and stripped the U.S. off of its role as a world leader. And with that Putin has already won the competition. Not only has Trump lived up to his reputation for being a bully, but he also made the USA look bad on the international stage. The USA cannot be trusted anymore, said Angela Merkel.

After the unsuccessful G7 summit with demonstrative blockade attitude by US President Donald Trump, Angela Merkel called on Europe to reflect on its own forces. The German Chancellor's sentence triggered a mediaquake in the USA.

"We Europeans really have to take our fate into our own hands. The times when we could completely rely on others are a little over."

Trump has destroyed bridges to Europe

Many political observers and commentators would see Merkel's statement, "the end of a post-war era," where the US was "the dominant force in the region."

"At the same time, it is also a devastating retrospective of Donald Trump's visit to Europe," says Michael Birnbaum, leader of the Washington Post office in Brussels, Belgium. Merkel's quotation suggests that Trump has "destroyed more bridges than he built up in three days."

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  1. While he's busy burning bridges...he emboldens our enemies...oh I forgot,Putin,Duterte,Saudi Arabia will be our friend.


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