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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Snow Up To The Gills

When Tuesday morning rolled around the snowing had stopped, and the wind was down to normal. Looking around, we had to realize that tons of hard labour was waiting. A snow drift has settled 2m in front of our garage door and the driveway was blocked by 1.6m of hard-packed impenetrable snow, pushed up there by the road plow. So, after breakfast we started shoveling a path from the house to the driveway, but there was now way we would be able to work through the barrier onto the road. So I called a guy I know has a tractor with a front loader. At 11am he showed up, starting to remove the “wall”. At the same time another neighbour came with a pickup truck and a plow. After the worst of the hard-packed stuff was gone, the pickup took over. He cleaned up the whole driveway all the way to the top. None of the guys wanted any money for the job. Talk about outstanding neighbours.
1-DSC_1579Now, just before the snow storm, I had accepted a job for looking after the Welshpool Wharf as Harbour Master. Part of my job is snow removal on the dock. Only a few days after I started that job I had also taken on snow removal at the library.
1-20170214_132034  At Welshpool Wharf
Both places we had to go today and shovel snow.  Needless to say, we both felt pretty “done” after all that work today. The blizzard remained the main topic between islanders and we actually learned that a total of around 80cm (32inches) of snow  had come down within 24 hrs.

Today’s video:

The bad news is, supposedly there is more to come tomorrow.


  1. Wow,looks like you had a Happy Valentines day. Take it easy on the shoveling,It.s better to have good neighbors than to build walls (Quote from the Donald)

  2. Really nice to have neighbours like that, be careful shelling all that snow.


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