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Monday, February 13, 2017

BLIZZZZARD (updates)

Indeed, the snow started around 9pm yesterday evening. Wind picked up over night reaching full force with about 100km/h in gusts. The province of New Brunswick is closed – literally. No schools, very few people get to work. Visibility is near zero and police warnings against being on the road are out. I am sitting in our living room watching the snowdrifts getting higher and higher.  Just 30 minutes earlier I could still see the wheels of our Buick. Not anymore. Once this is over, some time tomorrow, there is major snow shoveling for us. Yet, we are lucky as our property is in the way for the wind, which blows away a lot of snow. Others, are seeing accumulations of snow much higher than what we have. Fortunately, power is still on, which is kind of amazing, given the strong winds.
With my smart phone I did a short video which you can see by clicking on the youtube link. The video shows just the beginning of the storm. It’s much worse now. I might do another video later, so be sure to check back.

and (update)


  1. Looks like the birds are enjoying themselves.Wonder how the lighthouse is looking?

  2. Those are some drifts. Careful digging out.


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