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Friday, February 17, 2017

Greetings From The Big White North

CANADA, the land of the Big White North. 
Once we got shoveled away the snow banks blocking our way, the sun came out making us forget the hours of hard labour. Whether I was at the post office or down by the harbour or talking to neighbours, the snow and the storm was the topic. 
We shoveled once and twice and a third time, until the snow stopped flying and drifting.
During sunny hours we were graced with degrees on the upside of freezing, and if the wind would be nice enough to stop blowing, I would consider dragging our camp chairs onto the deck having coffee and a fresh baked scone, but such pleasures we still have to wait for. BUT…looking at the weather forecast for Sunday….who knows it might just happen. At +5C and sun and a balmy breeze from the south …..Oh I am sooo looking forward to that.
Over the years we have always been able to do that, mind you I speak of the years spent up north, which we had many of.
It seems like coffee tastes so much better when enjoying it on a sunny day outside. 
The days have grown much longer too now and we are on the countdown for the start of spring – only 31 days away.
While snow still covers the ground we’ve been feeding the birds, and besides of a large group of mourning doves, we have American Goldfinches, Blue Jays, and most recently a bright red Cardinal, coming for a meal. Once in a while a hawk is sweeping in scaring the heck out of the bird assembly.

Very shy….the Northern Cardinal finding food right outside our living room

1-DSC_1640                           From red to blue…Mr. Blue Jay


  1. Nice to see the weather has calmed down and the birds are enjoying the sunshine.

  2. It is so wonderful to dig your way out of that white stuff, and then enjoy some sunshine, spring be here soon.


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