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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Is It Smart To Make Enemies With The Press?

Mr. T-Rump has a strange relationship to the press. When ever the press covered his campaigning, T-Rump received free advertising worth millions of Dollars, but whenever a magazine or newspaper publishes criticism about his higly controversial decisions, he blasts them and revokes press credentials to come to the White House. Bannon even asked the press “ shut their mouth”. Does T-Rump really believe this is a good move? Are not even his advisers a little smarter? Or are they afraid of T-Rump and Co-President Bannon? The whole thing reminds me a lot of countries like North Korea or the former Soviet Union. But then Bannon has earlier stated that he is a Leninist and wants to bring the establishment “crashing down”.

I remember the newly elected President Obama visiting Berlin and meeting a cheering crowd. And Berlin did not remain the only place where Mr. Obama was celebrated. If T-Rump should decide to go visit Berlin today he will not even be able to speak in his microphone as he will be shouted down. And there will be a “tremendous” crowd waiting for him. It’s gonna be the biggest crowd ever. Believe me. But they are not gonna be friendly.
Meanwhile, the press is having one field day after another with criticizing and depicting the new dictator’s regime in so many creative and artistic ways.
The German news magazine Der Spiegel stunned many with its Feb. 4 "America First" cover by illustrator Edel Rodriguez. “Der Spiegel” is not the only magazine to give an alarming cover treatment of the new president. Here are some other noteworthy examples that have hit the newsstands.

                           (click on any pic to enlarge)
Trump cover 001Trump Cover 002Trump cover 003Trump Cover 004Trump Cover 005Trump Cover 006Bannon Cover 001
Trump cover 009The United States’ international reputation
reached a low under Pres. Bush but found almost instant relief the day Barack Obama was elected.  T-Rump has managed to destroy  it again within days after getting into office. And it sure didn’t help that his advisors have been extremely creative with the truth, even inventing “alternate facts”, a wording which since has grown famous all over the world.


  1. If Bannon and Not My President had their way.....there would be no free press (aka alternate facts)

    1. Speaking of free speech;


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