Saturday, June 18, 2016

They Are All Here And Ready For Summer

The summer residents have returned to Campobello. Like every year, they come from Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Maine, New Hampshire, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, North-and South Carolina, Indiana, California. We don’t see license plates from the Midwest-States. Is it because they are all farmers and tied to their homes? Maybe.
1-DSC_0473-001   View of Eastport,ME after Sunset

They live on Campobello for up to 6 months before they close up their summer homes and move back to their home states.
Then life is falling back into this quiet mode where you never see your neighbours other than when they are out shoveling snow.

In a few days we have summer solstice and that makes me think of the many summer solstices we had in Norway, when it never got dark at night.  Unfortunately, many years it was foggy, wet and even raining at summer solstice. In Norway it is a custom to lit a solstice fire and gather around it. Rarely, we could do that where we lived in our coastal area. The Norwegian coastal mountain range is holding up all the dark clouds and some years it is raining for weeks without stopping. Much nicer out here in eastern Canada. No mountains here and much nicer weather.

Yesterday we spent another nice evening at Jocie’s Porch.
Again we were amazed what musical talents are around.
1-DSC_0505 1-DSC_0507
The performer’s age range from 8 to 80 years and they can do just about anything. Great place to meet new and old friends as well.

On June 26 the 4th International Marathon is held between Lubec and Campobello. 800 runners from many countries have registered. Accommodations are booked out in the entire region. And next month we are celebrating Canada Day on July 1, Independence Day on July 4, and FOG FEST from July 27- July 31. Lots of activities to organize for a smallest and youngest  community in Canada.


  1. Summer is soon here and things will pick up big time, enjoy the wonderful weather.

  2. Sounds like you experience reverse snowbirds on your island. I'm guessing the folks are from the states that are too hot to live in during the summer months. The cool temperatures probably feel good.

    1. Reverse snowbirds have a long standing tradition on Campobello. The first snowbirds came in the 1880s, which started cottage and hotel building on the island. It also brought the Roosevelt Family here.


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