Monday, June 6, 2016

Projects Are Being Done

This spring has been marked by a lot of activity for me.
1-DSC_0408I have been working on many projects, some related to neighbours needing help with their homes and gardens and others pertaining to our own property.
1-DSC_0413   Foggy morning on Campobello
I finished the great wall on our north side of the house, I replaced a window on the east gable and now I have started to put cedar shingles on our garage. 
Wednesday I have the first sightseeing tour of the season and I just pray that it is not raining. Today’s weather is a wash-out but it’s supposed to clear during late afternoon. Well, some rain is needed for the garden.
Bea has now sold about 30 tomato plants and I am already thinking of building a bigger greenhouse.
I have also “excelled” in the kitchen department trying myself at preparing fish cakes after a Norwegian recipe. Using cheap Pollock fillets, I boiled and ground it, adding some celery, red bell pepper, egg, salt, pepper and flour. Served with potatoes, carrots and curry sauce, they turned out nice and were really tasty.
1-DSC_0417 1-DSC_0418


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