Wednesday, June 15, 2016

64 Years Ago It Was Sunday

Mom was trying to get that first-born boy out and when it was finally done, she was quite exhausted. Especially because the doctor who was called to the house thought that the timing was bad as he intended to go see a movie at the theater. So he gave mom a delaying injection and went to the movies. When he came back it was June 15 and Sunday.

That’s the story mom told me about my birth. Well, I don’t rightly know whether it is true that children born on a Sunday are more happy or have more luck in life. I would have to thank the Doc for delaying my birth….

Looking back at the time I have been walking around on earth, I have to admit that I have been pretty darn lucky most of the time. Sure, there have been backlashes, but what the heck, I always found my way back to the road. I have lived in a couple of places which could be classified as the most beautiful on earth . Born at the sea, moved to the glaciers of the north, then off to the prairies and back to the sea. Escaped certain death a couple of times. (farming and forestry is dangerous)  Of course, that scared the hell out of my family, but like I said, at the end of the day I pulled through. Now let’s not dwell with those dark thoughts.
10 people are coming today and hopefully the weather warms up a tad so we can all be seated outside, cause we don’t have 12 chairs around our dining table. Next year I have to think of some outlying areas to party in. After all, I do hope by that time my pension has gone through . Or maybe I do like many Norwegians do, posting an ad in the newspaper:



  1. Well, Happy birthday to you. Your cake looks delicious ... can you send a piece via the internet?

  2. Happy Birthday Peter !! Have a Great Day

  3. Happy birthday , enjoy the cake and the company.


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