Monday, June 13, 2016

Misty Days

It was a misty Sunday and it seems to be the same today. Clouds are moving overhead of us and I walk Molly along our quiet road. 1-DSC_0460-001June is the month of Lupines and Campobello has millions of Lupines. They adorn the wayside and the beach-side  meadows. Water droplets make our lilac hang with its beautiful flowers. After one week of full bloom they are about to go. I still smell their scent when passing by. Circle of nature it is. And it is the same for all living organisms. Whether plants, animals or us humans. One day the evening of life has come and we wave farewell to the world.
I just met an old friend on Facebook. We met in Norway and it must have been in 1980 or around there. Anne Brit and her husband Atle bought a huge old timber house in a small village. They are both artists, they paint and create and they have transformed their old house into a heavenly paradise.
This is sooo long ago, it seems like a distant dream now, yet the pictures are vivid in my mind.


  1. Sometimes it's nice to have those misty mornings. I love the lilacs. We can't have them here or the deer would think we were giving them dessert. Yep, love the memories and the pictures !

  2. So nice to meet up with friends from our past and facebook, makes it happen for a lot pof people.


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