Saturday, April 5, 2014


We are back to normal, whatever normal is. Our water is flowing again and we are looking forward to a real hot shower tomorrow morning.

What has happened?

Early this morning our plumber returned my call and upon me describing our water problem, he suggested to hang a light into the wellhead to warm up the casing and the water. I remembered that we had a chicken infrared lamp hanging in the garage, but it needed to undergo a little modification as the lamp cover would not fit into the narrow steel pipe of the well. But then I got it all ready and protected the wellhead from any rain water running along the lamp socket, by turning our wheelbarrow upside down over the well.

                          The little town of Lubec,Maine just 500ft. from Mulholland light

The morning went by without me noticing any changes. Bea was at the Hotel to get our laundry done and  during the afternoon there was still no change.
Shortly before supper, Jim, the hotel owner, called suggesting an electrical reason for the non-functioning pump. He offered to come by with his testing gadgets. That was welcomed and 15 minutes later we were both standing in our basement with Jim checking for current and voltage. All seemed well with the electrical even though no water was running whenever I flipped the lever at the pressure switch.

Somewhat dumbfounded we were still standing around when I heard a stuttering noise in the water line. Something was underfoot for sure. And then I saw the pressure gauge showing an increasing pressure. Our water was on the way into the pressure tank!!  Yahooo…..we were back in business.

DSC_0249-002                                                    Mulholland Lighthouse, Campobello

What REALLY happened we don’t know. Whether we had touched the relais and triggered the flow of current to the pump or whether it was a pure coincidence that the ice finally gave way – we don’t know. But there was full pressure on all house faucets.

After over 4 days at home we had running water again, certainly a good enough reason to celebrate.

Other than that, I have been using this rainy day for packing up for the looong trip out west.
Also had a talk with a school mate in Germany, whose son had a rather tragic accident and was now fighting for his life. He had been on a bicycle when colliding with a bus. A severe brain trauma is what he has to deal with now. A very difficult time for the parents too.

It is now past 7pm and the rain has been replaced with fog. Overall it was a day with temps above freezing, and the good news is that it is supposed to stay that way all week. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll have some spring knocking on our doors soon.

Thanks for coming by!


  1. Good to hear you're water is flowing again!!!Have a safe trip back west.

  2. Wow that is wonderful , running water again, so glad for you guys. Now back to a regular life.
    Sorry to here about your friend.

  3. So glad to hear you have running water again !!


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