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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An Amazing Day On The Icefield Parkway

This day was blessed with a deep blue sky, not a cloud anywhere. I got my group going at 9am and we were heading straight over to Lake Louise. This place of all in Canada is sure holding a special place in my heart, and I will tell you why. When I was 15yrs old I was totally in love with Canada. And I had seen pictures of a beautiful lake in the Canadian Rockies – Lake Louise – !!
I read so much about it that I knew just about everything about the area. And when my  Dad build me a fiberglass kayak, I named it LAKE LOUISE. It was a head turner. For why would a boy call a boat in Germany after a Canadian Lake?

Well, my first visit to my dream place was in 1984, and here I am for a whole summer driving bus. A dream became true.

Now, I also screwed up today when I forgot to take my SR-card reader for the CANON with me. So here I am with some nice pics and can’t even upload them. I have a few taken with the phone but they don’t show what we saw today. But, like they say, there’s always another day…
            Right at the Athabasca Glacier: another Ice Explorer

We concluded this terrific day with a family-style meal downtown.

20140429_194101As a driver, I even got a free extra ice cream. How’s that for good treatment?
                                  At the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

DSC_0159_2And when I opened my email I saw a selfie of  Bea accompanied by a birthday cake, which she enjoyed at our neighbour’s place. Yes, she had her party and was invited for supper and coffee. I love those folks. When I phoned Bea early in the morning she told me that Molly had recognized my voice on the phone and had answered with a sad…little whine. “Come home Dad, please”.  I would be lying if I said, I wasn’t touched.

And WHAT on Earth is this: NORWEGIAN Elg Hound ON THE TABLE???

Now, thanks for coming by again. Hopefully I’ll have the pics out tomorrow.


  1. Lordie, I have lived in Washington State most of my life and have never been to Lake Louise. I must get a passport and see this. Thanks for the great reminder. Will be looking forward to more pic....don't let me down.

  2. We loved Lake Louise. So Beautiful. Joe liked Lake Maureen even more.

  3. So glad you 're at your place of the heart--it's stunningly gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your pics.

  4. Love the area went through there in 1975 camped in my tent trailer, awesome scenery.

  5. The Icefields Parkway is an international treasure. Hope to be up these again this summer. It's jaw-dropping gorgeous, as is Lake Louise. Thanks for the post!

  6. When we were at Lake Louise last year, it was the middle of May, and the Lake was still frozen over. Still beautiful though.

  7. The ice explorer bus is awsome!

  8. Lake Louise is on our list, that ice cream looked good.

  9. Lake Louise is one of my very favorite spots. I have been there in the winter on a sky trip when the lake is completely frozen over. Last year I was able to visit there in the summer to enjoy the wonderful scenery.


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