Saturday, April 12, 2014

Burnt Bacon In Minnesota And Back To The Open Plains

I guess I did mention earlier that Motel 6 is not offering any breakfast, but they do have coffee in the morning and they make you think it’s a mercy provided by them for FREE. Yahooo--- free coffee.

I had mine before I left their parking lot, thinking that I could always stop later for a full breakfast. Yeah right…
And so I did. I was into Minnesota and there was this little town advertising all their great services along the big highway, so I turned off looking for a place to eat. I saw that Perkins Restaurant right away and their parking lot was busy – which is always a good sign.

I chose a “Travelers egg & toast” from their list. Weighing in at $5.99 it wasn’t what I call reasonably priced, but then who cares. Really!

A tall guy delivered a can of coffee and clunked it down on the table with a thud. Hmmm….
IMG_8753 IMG_8761
It took 30minutes to deliver my order and when it came I looked down at 2 slices of toast – not buttered, one egg over easy, and 2 tiny strips of burnt bacon.

It’s a rare thing that I complain over food in a restaurant. Yes, normally I just suffer through it quietly, but today they had gone beyond my own standards. So when the waitress came around again I pointed out the burnt bacon. She asked whether I didn’t like it “well done”. That almost did it for me right there. So she offered to get me 2 new strips of bacon. When they finally came I had eaten my egg and one slice of toast. The new bacon strips were now even smaller than the first ones, but I tried them. Now, I don’t know about you, but I do like bacon crispy. This one on my plate was gooey and tough.
Minneapolis in early morning sun

Not only was product quality very bad but it was also grossly overpriced. At Eleni’s I had a very sustainable breakfast with 2 eggs, hash browns, cheese and toast for $2.99.

When I was done, I went to the front to pay. The guy there was asking whether I had a good breakfast, and when I told him, he didn’t want me to pay. So all right, I had spent an hour for something that even a Mc.Donalds could have delivered better. It will be a long time until any next meal at PERKINS.
I passed through the twin cities and even dared to stay right on I-94 instead of going the long ring way on I-694. I had one stop-and-go in the city center of Minneapolis but once I was through there it went very smooth. It was way better than Chicago.
And as I was approaching the wide mid-west  a very open landscape with very little traffic was opening up.
Soon I was crossing into North Dakota at Fargo. Traffic was even less out here and the speed limit was 75miles! So I let that JEEP run, give it almost free reins.

My destination for the day was the little rural town of Underwood where friends and fellow RVers Diania and Glenn are living. I was about to spend the night at their place. They had just returned from the south and we sure would have lots to talk about.
Yup, still some snow left

I rolled into town at 4:15pm and was actually 20 minutes ahead of my own GPS. How that happened I have no idea. They waited on me with coffee and chocolate cake and a rich supper which was a really welcome change to all that recent restaurant food.

Time was flying by and it was time to retire for the day.
I have done 4 days now and there are 2 more to do. And maybe I get to see another RV couple in Alberta.

Thanks for stopping by again!


  1. Even after running my own restaurant for 10 years I still much prefer to eat at home, but sometimes you don't have a choice. You are making great time.

  2. We ate at a Perkins in Walla Walla, WA when my oldest son was in college. It was well-prepared food but that was many years ago. I agree with George--homecooked is best if you have a choice! Safe travels!

  3. Next time look for those golden arches and have breakfast burrito! The price is right and no matter which one you stop it, they'll all be the same.

  4. We've had good luck at Perkins but I much prefer Cracker Barrel. I really should say I prefer Jim's breakfasts but if we have to eat out it would be the Barrel. You are covering the miles. It'll be nice when you can finally stop driving again.

  5. We've had Perkins... but my favorite is Bob Evans .... you'll get the same quality of service and food whether you're in Ohio, Florida or wherever.... probably not for $2.99, but a fair price. Sorry about your meal... but at least they had the decency not to charge you.

  6. When I'm PAYING for a meal - and it's disgusting like you mentioned - I am sure to let them know. Sure glad you didn't have to pay for it - but I know that's not the point.


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