Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heading West: South Bend, IN

I was up early enough to be bleary-eyed. I had been playing around with this new computer last night and before I knew it, it was midnight. Darn. Not good for a driver who is supposed to be up early driving west.
But at least a Super8 gives you some kind of breakfast. I stashed 2 yogurts away after I had already eaten one (is that being greedy??) and jumped in the car.
Wasn’t aware of having myself lost to Newfoundland. And where are the icebergs?
IMG_8723 IMG_8721
The morning was clear, sun was out and we had 6C on the plus side, which I deem almost a spring temperature. Oh yeah, there was no snow ANYWHERE. The grass along the road was even GREEN, at least in the lower elevations. I must say I enjoy driving through the Appalachians. It is a mild landscape, no drama, but yet it gives you the feeling of being in the mountains. Long blue ridges along the horizon – that sort of thing.
IMG_8730 IMG_8726
Main Street DANVILLE, PA
IMG_8727 IMG_8729
Pennsylvania – a large state to cross as it reaches all the way over to Ohio. Last time we were heading the other way we stayed in a Super8 at Danville. After we came home Bea has been missing her knitted fur head. Thought she had left it at the Super8 in Danville, so I chanced a turn-off and drove down to the hotel. There was the same friendly lady at the reception again. Upon telling her my bequest, she checked on her computer and then she nodded. Yes, something had been found there. She instructed another person and while I had to wait I took a coffee from the breakfast buffet. And then the girl came with …..Bea’s hat. WOW!
IMG_8741 IMG_8735
I thanked the girls and headed straight down to the Danville Post Office where I stuffed the thing into an envelope and mailed it off to Bea. And while I was downtown already I snapped off a couple of pics, cause that Danville Main Street is downright too pretty to ignore. So a little sightseeing was done.

I pretty much stayed in the left lane of the Interstate all day. There are too many trucks in the right lane, and even though some go pretty fast there are always those who have a heavier load and struggle to get up the hills.

Made sure I stopped from time to time. I had my lunch at a MacDonalds. Not really what I usually do, but they have good coffee and cheap too. So I ordered a coffee. I was mildly surprised when the server didn’t want money for it.

FREE COFFEE at MacDonalds???

So then I ordered a simple cheeseburger to go with the coffee. and still paid only a Dollar.

I made it to South Bend, IN, where I headed straight to Eleni’s Restaurant. The server was the same girl as last time and I was curious whether she would recognize me. She was very busy when I came in and I finally seated myself. When she had handed me the menu, she kind of half-turned asking whether I was all by myself this time. BINGO!
It’s typical for a small-town place that you almost get to be a regular at your 2.visit.
Eleni’s is the kind of restaurant where you can eat breakfast all day and I sure like the huge portions this place dishes out. Only trouble with big portions is that I can’t have a dessert afterwards. And I LOVE desserts! But after this GREEK SKILLET which was really good, there was no more room for dessert.

And now I am dead tired again and my bed keeps calling on me.

Aaaah….. G


  1. It's always comforting to go back to a place that you know, and where you know the food. Make sure you keep your eyes open on the road.
    Happy Motoring.

  2. Hopefully you didn't spend much time playing with the computer tonight an got a good night's sleep. That is amazing that they still had Bea's hat.

  3. That was a nice travel day and great that you found Bea's hat as well.
    Love small town restaurants, had my own for 10 years and you get to know everybody that walks in the door.
    No such thing as a stranger.

  4. I wonder if you'd left your computer there if it would have still been around when you arrived. Good thing they still had it for you. Can't beat the price for coffee at McDonalds!

  5. Danville - you were in our neck of the woods - left lane on 80 - lots of trucks for sure. That's neat that you found Bea's hat!
    C & B in PA

  6. Great! I still may need it here. The mornings can be pretty frosty. - To Sandie: I guess most of the hotels keep the left behind stuff. At the Best Western I work we had to keep them for a year, at least. We were not allowed to throw things out. All packed down in cardboard boxes and marked with room # and date. There were a TON of cellphone chargers and flashlights, electrical razors, keys and all kind of clothes and toys. So, next time you leave something behind, call and ask. :))

  7. Amazing that you were able to find Bea's hat!

  8. LOL - I got a bit of a shock when I saw the NEWFOUNDLAND sign. Make a wrong turn ?? LOL

    Amazing that they had Bea's hat. Good Stuff.


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