Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Table Change-Over

Generally we are still very happy with our new trailer, except that the dinette table has been a bugger of sorts. The folding steel base of the  table is an unbelievable mal-construction.
1-DSC_0652After the first 3 days of use a part broke in the weld. We got a new table base sent down and it turned out worse than the first one. Even though it hasn’t broken, the table top was so wobbly that we couldn’t really use it. A neighbour showed me the table base he had in his truck camper. It had only one central leg and was pretty stable.
I went online and ordered such a leg which basically is a steel pipe of 3 inch diameter and a receiver base for the floor and the table top.

The package arrived from Oregon by UPS today. I didn’t loose any time and got busy right away. The picture is showing the result.

Not only is the table more stable than before, but it also looks way better and it gives way more room to put our legs.
The old folding table base

1-DSC_0655It is beyond me why RV-designers would put such a poor thing as this folding table into an otherwise nice trailer. It is more expensive and is a good deal heavier than the one-leg solution we have now.

Tonight we are off to a concert at the El Centro High School so I’ll keep this posting to the essence.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mounting the new leg

1-DSC_0659 1-DSC_0662
    Even Molly approves of the new table base


  1. I was wondering how you were liking the new trailer overall. Gotta be pros and cons with new trailer vs. the motorhome. Perhaps a post on that would educate the rest of us.

  2. It's always something.
    We had a drawer in the base of our dinette that never did want to behave. I finally figured out (this was after a few years) that the bloody dinette was out of square! Well, no wonder.
    Parked the beast in the driveway, removed that section of the dinette, and basically rebuilt the thing in my shop. Not too surprisingly, everything worked. Who knew?

  3. why in the name of all that is holy would they even consider putting a contraption like that in a new RV...finally you have the right one...which is the one they should have used when they manufactured the rig...sometimes the 'new and improved' don't work right..I always say if its not broken dont' try to fix or improve...

  4. Good job on making things work right, looks much better now.


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