Sunday, December 30, 2012

I “Fired” The Generator

After connecting two more batteries we have enjoyed full power all day until it was time to hit the cushions. I have fired the generator!

Alright, we might still need it a bit when Mrs. Sun isn’t shining for a couple of days. That rarely happens out here.

Today I had to haul water. We have a 45 gal. rubber bladder which I put on top of the roof of the van. I can fill it and don’t have to tie it down. It doesn’t move. The beauty of it is that I don’t need a pump to run the water into the freshwater tank of the trailer. That’s the life of a boondocker!

Yesterday we hauled wood. Hardwood. Eucalyptus wood. It is heavy wood. Old trees on a farm, We hauled two trailer loads. There is wood enough for maybe ten years. Trouble is one needs a chainsaw – a big chainsaw. I have none here, but my friend has one. So we hauled wood – and had a fire in the evening. What a delight!

Then I saw a new motorhome had pulled in. It was of a foreign make and had German license plates. Maybe I post a picture of it tomorrow. It’s quite nice, small and efficient.

See ya tomorrow!


  1. Nice that you have your solar up and running efficiently. Check out those new neighbors.

  2. glad to see you found some wood :)..sounds like the solar is working like it should? have a great day...

  3. So what do you guys think of your new trailer now that you've had a chance to live in for awhile? Does Molly like it?

    1. We are very happy with our new trailer. I like especially my kitchen! Molly has settled in as well and found new favourite spots. (Bea)

  4. Solar and wood for a fire - you're all set!

  5. Glad your solar is up and running, I hope to do that someday!


  7. Oh BTW, Curious to know what Brand and size batteries you got. Or did you already mention that in a previous post ??

  8. We despise our generator, and haven't used it in a year.

    I'd like to see your 45-gallon bladder - fresh water bladder - on your van. That would be handy!


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