Friday, December 21, 2012

Not The End

Wow, am I ever relieved to wake up this morning and still see that my trailer hasn’t vanished into the depth of the earth. Just 30 minutes ago the good old sun was rising above the desert floor. Everything seems normal – the Mayan has given us another chance – but for how long?

People have been climbing a mountain in France expecting to be picked up as the sole survivors by a UFO coming from outer space. While I understand the effort to make sure human genetics would survive a blow-up of the earth, I find it utterly idiotic to think that an UFO would come to pick them up.

Are we actually living the 21th century?

"The galactic bridge has been established," announced spiritual leader Alberto Arribalzaga in Yucatan at a "galactic connection" ceremony Thursday in Merida. "The cosmos is going to take us to a higher level of vibration ... where humanity is in glory, in joy,"

Well then…

Others are more down to earth like Gabriel Romero, a Los Angeles-based spiritualist who uses crystal skulls in his ceremonies.: "We'll still have to pay taxes next year,” he said.

Bill Leith, the U.S. Geological Survey's senior science adviser for earthquake and geologic hazards, said that by late Thursday, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary had been detected in seismic activities, solar flares, volcanoes or the Earth's geomagnetic field.

"It's a fairly unremarkable day on planet Earth today, and in the last few days," Leith said. "There are no major eruptions going on."

There had been about 120 small earthquakes and a moderate temblor in Japan, he said. "That's very much a normal day."

Bea uses to look at earthquake maps and has often seen that over 300 quakes had erupted over night. so a 120 quakes are way under the normal.

Authorities were worried about overcrowding and possible stampedes during celebrations Friday at Mayan ruin sites like Chichen Itza and Uxmal, both about 1-1/2 hours from Merida, the Yucatan state capital. Special police and guard details were assigned to the pyramids.

As Friday's dawn began sweeping around the globe, there was no sign of an apocalypse.

Indeed, the social network Imgur posted photos of clocks turning midnight in the Asia-Pacific region with messages such as, "The world has not ended. Sincerely, New Zealand."

I think we’ll leave it at that and wait for the next superstitious outburst. I am just so curious what’s next.


Stay tuned and you may be the first to hear it.



  1. Thought about maxing out our credit cards and going on an "end of the world" spending spree... but, common sense got the better of me.

  2. We had a winter solstice party this afternoon and one of the guys wanted to know when the next end of the world as supposed to happen. Had to laugh about that. I supposed all the guys selling end of the world t-shirts are now selling, I survived the end of the world t-shirts.

  3. The complete gullability of so many supposedley intelligent people to believe in fantasies will always remain one of life's great mysteries to me...

  4. its hard to believe there are people out there who actually think its gonna happen...and prepare to the best of their abilities..wonder if they're disappointed...have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2013


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