Sunday, December 23, 2012

Can YOU Stay Away?

No, No…You are welcome to visit us, that’s not what I meant. I was actually thinking of the cookie jar. Can you stay away from it?  Because me..I can’t. Alright I baked them myself, but still I eat way too many.  And I know that in the long run it’s not too healthy, but then again Christmas doesn’t really last that long. So let’s take another one…or?

A friend out here surprised us with something special. When we met at the evening fire today he had a huge package of Land O’Lakes assorted cocoa classics. WE LOVE COCOA! So this gift hit right home.

1-DSC_1075Of course the trouble with this is the same as with the cookies. Hmm….

Coming home after the fire we got cozy on the couch and turned on the TV. But the Christmas shows they’ve got are not really anywhere near of what I think Christmas should be about. So the TV was turned off again and I had to comfort myself with another cookie. At least it brought back a few thoughts I could write about tonight. I was really lazy and actually had no intention to write anything.

We’ve got a little Christmas tree with small coloured lights standing by the window.
That was not the way we had it at home. At home we had a real tree and real candles. And it was the most beautiful Christmas I ever saw. Nobody does that anymore. The fire hazard, you know….1-DSC_1053
  1-DSC_1046 1-DSC_1047 1-DSC_1049 
“Da Boyz”  Italian Cuisine

And then we got electric lights and then there came the first plastic trees – awful creatures. We never had them at home though, not to this day.
Those artificial trees did improve over time though, or was it just we got used to it? I don’t know.

We needed to fill up two tanks with propane today, so we went to Yuma. Being there I thought we’d do a stroll into old town to see what’s going on there.
They had a Christmas tree alright, but I bet we didn’t see more than maybe 20 people on Main Street. The town looked like in the early stages of becoming a ghost town.
1-DSC_1051      1-DSC_1044  

All we saw was boarded-up little stores and empty curb-side restaurant seats.
Pitiful…. With nothing going on downtown we didn’t want to stay either, so back we went to the almost empty parking lot and went home.

It’s gonna be a while until I try this again.

Thanks for stopping by and have a Merry Christmas!



  1. We didn't have real candles on our tree but we did have a real tree and not from a lot either.And we had real foil tinsel that mom made us hang one strand at a tme on that tree. But myfavorite memory is what I see beside your tree.......the manger scene. All made of cardboard.yes, I'll cherish it and pass it on to my son Merry Christmas!

  2. Nothing beats hot cocoa and cookies on a cold night that's for sure.

    A real tree and real candles sounds like a pretty dangerous mix.

  3. A real tree is what we always had too, until we hit the road fulltime. And was always so nice. Her's wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and lots of cookies too.

  4. Tree still looks nice. Looking forward to photos of your solar setup if you get a chance.

  5. We always had a cut tree growing up, I sure miss that smell now that we have an artificial one and a pine air freshener, just not the same. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy another cookie.

  6. Me love cookies!!! We had cookies and hot chocolate on Friday at our neighbor's house. Loved it.


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