Sunday, July 8, 2012

What a beautiful Day

After days with high humidity the wind switched to the North-West. The temps got down to around 72F and the air became crystal clear. In the afternoon we called a neighbour and invited them for coffee.  Strawberry ice-cream, fresh strawberries AND whipped cream (the real stuff) served on the porch. What a feast!
Afterwards we took our friends on a ride through the natural area of the Roosevelt Park.
DSC_0159-mi DSC_0168-mi

And, really, it has never been a more perfect day for just that. From the open convertible we enjoyed million-dollar-views. The serenity of the pristine looking beaches and forests, the endless blueness of the ocean with seals looking up to us on the view platform --- there are no words and no pictures which can describe the beauty of this afternoon.  For the first time we saw both Grand Manan ferries on the horizon. One going towards Grand Manan, the other just coming from the island. They met in the middle, then parted again.
DSC_0156-mi DSC_0157-mi

Dark forests and then sun again breaking into the darkness, rabbits and squirrels were bounding across the paths.
DSC_0158-mi seal

And most amazingly: almost no other people around. What is everybody doing on this glorious afternoon? Watching TV? Eating fast-food? Gone shopping? I can’t believe that this area is not crowded on a day like this. When I look through the steel barbeques the park has set up in the many picnic areas throughout the park, I realize they haven’t been used in a long time. What a waste!
DSC_0175-mi DSC_0170-mi

We got back home around supper time and I had the idea of making a noodle salad and throwing a couple of nice pork chops on the grill. Good stuff and just right on a day like today.
DSC_0176-mi DSC_0166-mi

We think it is about time that YOU come on over to see this place. I’m sure you end up with saying: I could live here.
DSC_0163-mi DSC_0165-mi



  1. What a wonderful day! So glad you took the time to really enjoy it.

  2. You are in such a beautiful place. I love the water and just about everything about it.

  3. It is a mystery why the place isn't busier, but maybe some of it has to do with getting over that border? Just too much of a little challenge for some folks?
    Never a bad thing to have it to yourselves though.

  4. It sure is a beautiful spot and your pictures make it seem more so. We often wonder what folks are doing when we visit empty beaches and parks here on our Island too.


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