Monday, July 30, 2012

A huge cat on Campobello?

We were on the northern tip of Campobello when a huge cat jumped out in front of the van, crossed the road and disappeared in the underbrush on the other side. I had never seen such a huge cat before and I was immediately thinking of what a neighbour had recently told me about a bobcat roaming the island. But was it a bobcat? It was sure big enough, but it had a long flowing tail.
Back home I looked up images of cats on Google and found that bobcats do not have long bushy tails. But the Maine Coon cat has, and the cat grows almost to the same size. After reviewing those images I’m almost 100% sure that what I saw was a Maine Coon Cat. The write-up about those cats also states that the Maine Coon is friendly with kids and is a great family animal.
eastquoddy (8)
Having still the image of that jumping cat in my mind I must say that I’d rather not have such a cat. What if that animal is getting cranky? It could hurt me or my dog in a most substantial way.

I think I’d stick to peaceful Molly.

As we were on our way to the Head Harbour Light Station, I was absolutely shocked when we arrived on the parking lot.


I was lucky enough to find ONE empty parking slot for the van. What was going on? Something like that I had only seen under the official Lighthouse Days in late August. Was everyone out here at the Lighthouse? In that case there would be hardly a place to stand upright.
When we approached the edge of the rocks from where one can look down to the sandbar I saw a steady ant-like stream of people wandering across the dry sandbar in both directions.

The whole thing looked like someone had posted it on facebook: Come and see Head Harbour Light Station TODAY!

And those who were  en-route to or fro the Light Station had started to have great fun with some sort of gigantic family reunion. Tables full of food, screaming kids, dogs running wild and parents looking anxiously down the rocks to see where there young ones had gone.
I was glad when the couple from my van were coming up the ladder again and we could leave this madhouse.

Why did it all happen today?
Maybe because we had a pouring rain all yesterday and people had been holding off on their tours. It’s just a guess, but yours is as good as mine.

Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Those Maine Coon cats get huge but are just the sweetest things ever. However, there's not a one of them that is as sweet as Molly or as pretty. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little quieter at the lighthouse.

  2. That would have been interesting to see that cat. I guess it's probably a pet then and belongs to someone?? Gorgeous picture.

  3. Beautiful pics..would love to see

  4. We've had a Maine coon cat for 8 years. He's a giant white baby, really, and so sweet. The only thing problem I have with him is that he is too big for a regular cat box. He's plenty big!



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