Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Gloomy Day Start but then….

 Once in a while we get those gloomy days, where we don’t know whether we will have sun or rain. Yesterday, it rained a bit, but then it stopped and the forecast spoke about sun at noon.
Whether Molly was affected by the weather or something else was a problem for her we don’t know, but she was kind of cranky and whiney in the morning. We wonder whether it could have had something to do with the fog horn we heard. More often than not the fog horn blares when a thunderstorm is in the making. Molly might have made the connection between the two and showed anxiety by that reason.

The weather men were correct, the sun got out around noon and became muggy.

I had thought to make a quick run across the border to Martha’s Home Bakery to get our favorite bread, but when I was over the top of the bridge I saw the line-up. Whew – typical summer traffic. The first wave of tourists returning to the U.S. after they have seen the Roosevelt Cottage.
Took me 40 minutes to get that bread and return home.

While I was talking on Skype to our Norwegians some 4000miles away I saw someone passing across the lawn. It was Charlie – no doubt. I jumped up knocking at the window to get his attention.

It turned out he and his wife Chris were wondering whether we would be available to come and have dinner with them. Sure we were!

Charlie is a passionate chef and it would be more than foolish not to go. And of course they are wonderful people and nice neighbours.
They have a wonderful old stylish home right on the water and we love to get down to see them.
DSC_0103-mi DSC_0094-mi

Yesterday evening Charlie indulged in making Thai Pad, a dish I have never tasted before and which is based on rice noodles, a beaten egg, shrimps and a lot of different vegetables. I had the honour of assisting beating the egg and cutting a lime into wedges.


After having an appetizing snack out on their nice sunny porch, where we actually enjoyed a glorious sunset over the Passamaquoddy Bay, we had the dinner inside at their huge dining table.

Naturally, Chris had a dessert waiting for us as well. Can you spell Lemon Pie with cream?  Yummy…..
DSC_0117-mi DSC_0120-mi
                                                                                                          Gazing into the Sunset

The clock was showing that we were past 10:00pm when I thought it better to say goodbye to our evening hosts. Besides, we had left Molly at home and she sure needed to get outside.

What started out as a gloomy day sure turned out to be a most memorable day her on Campobello.

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  1. Nice time…good food...friends...perfect. Hope Molly is feeling better. Sure love to see pictures of your beautiful dog.

  2. Beautifuly sunset photo of Passamaquoddy Bay! That would sure be a nice spot to sit and watch the sun go down.

    Your dinner sounded great and so did the dessert - not a bad day after all.

  3. So nice to have a neighbor who is also a passionate chef. Beautiful looking dish. Sure hope Molly is doing better and has settled down. Don't like it when our fur kids get all upset. Scooter hates thunderstorms.

  4. Nice to be enjoy a great meal with friendly neighbors, looks like you ended up having a perfect day!


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