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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Works
For the last three years we have produced DVDs of the annual New Years Party held at the Hot Springs.  It has almost become the norm that we do that after the party is over. So today I have been spending 5hrs. in front of Bea's MacBook compiling the video clips, cutting and arranging music and text. Once I had understood the software of the MacBook last year, it kinda worked like a charme. But It is still a day-long task.

Bea had arranged the still-pics yesterday and both stills and video has now been put onto one DVD. So far we have made 10 copies, but we kinda know there is more demand. I rather calculate with 20 this year. But making copies is not much of a creative act, we just push a few buttons and that's that.

The January temps seem to get nicer and nicer. Today's 80F will be followed by 81F tomorrow. Quite a while ago now that we have seen ice on the car.

Planning a little round trip to a known National Park next week. We are also going to meet another blogger or two. So stay tuned we might get ourselves into another adventure.

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  1. Imagine the job that would be before the digital age:)

  2. looks like your having a super winter so far..we arrived fl yesterday its in a cold snap but suppose to warm up least we don't have to 'shovel' so thats a good thing..


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