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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Laundry and a few Supplies
Bea was out and about earlier than usual. Normally, she would wait until the coach is warm, before she shows up. Not so today. Something was brewing, but she didn't volunteer any info and who am I to ask?

After I had returned from my walk with Molly the truth revealed itself. Bea was gathering together the laundry.

Whenever she goes to the laundromat, I see an excellent opportunity to go get our fridge filled up. So, of course, we were off to El Centro, the city, to go about the chores.

I dropped her off at 12.Ave and vanished towards the first grocery market. I say "first" as there was a "second". Some stuff I like, I have to go to a different place for. Meat is one thing. And today I had to think a couple of days ahead as we will be going up to Quartzsite tomorrow and on to Yoshua National Park after that. Grocery shopping is limited in Q-site and I like to have everything buttoned up before making a move.

Our Internet solution in camp
So the entire early operation took us about 2hrs, meaning we were back in camp for lunch.
Now I have to dismount our Internet connection and let my neighbour have the sole benefit of it for the time we will be away. The grey box from BEAMSPEED is mounted on our car hauler. Since we need the trailer tomorrow we have to take it down.
For the coming days we will be using our Verizon MIFI 2200 again.

We enjoy a very nice warm day out here, while the most of the U.S. is covered by a cold snap, reaching as far as Florida. Over the years we have noticed that the area between Yuma and El Centro usually has the warmest winters. And I guess that's a good enough reason to be here.

But be happy whereever you are!


  1. Looking forward to tomorrow. I'm not sure I told you but this part of the BLM where we are parked is the $40 for two weeks area. Hope that's okay for you. Had a great campfire tonight.

  2. We have a saying South Africa. It is 'n Boer maak 'n plan. Translated it say A farmer will always make a plan, I will change that to "An RVer will always make a plan" and your Internet Solution would fit right into that category! happy travels and enjoy Quartzsite!


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