Saturday, January 21, 2012



Today I was off to Yuma. It was time for the German Festival and I had to pick up a FEDEX parcel and fill up a tank of propane.

The German Fest was to be held on Madison Ave in the old town. Since I came early there was lots of available parking. Pretty soon the first band “Just for Fun” entered stage. Canadian Snowbirds playing for Snowbirds, could it get any better.

DSC_0031 DSC_0035

Down the Street a row of vendors had set up and were offering food, beer, pop, wine, pastries and souvenirs among other stuff. Even Harleys were on sale today.


Passing the booth of the “Bratwurst Haus” I got real hungry and ordered a “Curry Wurst” and potato salad. Ah… yummy.

 DSC_0036-mi DSC_0026

After an hour the bands changed. Now the Yuma Accordion Band entered stage. This group of enthusiasts have been playing together for 9 years and are joined by Canadian Snowbirds every winter. This year a couple of Wisconsin joined the group for the German Fest. They sure knew how to play German music, and they could even yodle.

DSC_0090-mi   DSC_0025-mi

Speaking of yodling, I must say I am always amazed to see that the North American understanding of German culture results in Lederhosen, blue/white checkered flags and symbols and yodle and umpta-music. What we see of re-enacted German culture is actually BAVARIAN. So it fits the picture that not a single German flag was seen today. I wonder why.  

DSC_0048 DSC_0062

Anyway, regardless of what flag is on the pole, it sure was a very entertaining fest.


  1. Well, even though it's only Bavarian "culture" that's being represented, at least they're having fun and their hearts are in the right place. We have the Lederhosen and Dirndl tradition here in Austria too, (along with the yodelling) so I guess you could say that at least that part is a reasonable representation of "German Culture".
    Someone from say, Hamburg might have a different view?

  2. Looks like fun and a lot cheaper than going to Munich. I was at the Munich festival in 1979 and it was great, but not sure my liver good take that again:)

  3. what a just never know where you will end up when you go for propane :)


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