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Sunday, January 15, 2012

OK, let's have a Party,
We are no party animals, but when friends came by yesterday and asked us whether we would go to a party in town we accepted. 

The party was at the Silverado Ranch and the reason they had it was Enrique's 65th birthday. A birthday party. We had been at "The Ranch" before, so we knew a bit about it. A big open hall with walls at the small ends only, and open to the sides is the place where it happens.

Shortly after our arrival a 4-man band assembled on stage. (Yep, they have a stage!) and started to blow the tunes of the  fifties and sixties. It was good music but LOUD. I saw other snowbirds installing their earplugs. In fact they were dancing with earplugs. We didn't bring ours - how would you know about it? So we sat tight, hoping for a break. There was somethig else I had forgotten to bring - a warm jacket. See, it was a cool day out here and I should have known. So in order to stay warm we milled with the other dancers.

Enrique and his wife Elvira have a lot of friends between snowbirds and have been known to throw a party from time to time. There is always lots of food, drink and dance. A couple of years ago they had hired a full-blown Mariachi band. THAT brought the old legs to moving around.

When the first band quit after an hour, another band mounted the stage. The new band had a couple of real oldtimers working the instruments over and some were Enrique's and Elvira's family. Have you guessed it that they are Mexican? . Their music was many decibels lower and somehow increased the number of dancers rapidly. 

We had some food but with the outside temperatures I felt a shiver creeping up on me, so we took our farewells and thanks for the company.

After warming up in the coach and a coupla hours later our neighbours popped over, and we played cards for a while. Well, they taught us a new card game. Don't even know the name of it, but we had great fun.

And that was Saturday. 

Now, looking out of the window I can't see the sun. A cloudy day and if I remember it right the weather guy had annonced "a chance of rain". Normally, that doesn't happen out here, and if we get rain, then it might be a torrential one. In that case we have only one way out of here - the old broken Hwy 80, as the dirt roads will be transformed into mud beds.


  1. We have heard about the parties at the Ranch but have never been there at the right time to attend one. Maybe someday! Too bad you didn't take your jackets.

  2. Glad you had a great time at the party even though you aren't party animals.

    It was a little cloudy and cool in Quartzsite too. I certainly hope it warms up.

  3. I don't think I've ever heard dancing described as "milling with the other dancers to stay warm." I love it. But I'm with you - when I start to get cold it's time to go home. Our weather's pretty yucky here today - a few raindrops, cold, cloudy. Hope it doesn't last very long. Loved your last picture of the flag.

  4. sounds like it was a great party..have a super week...


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