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Saturday, January 14, 2012

To Algodones for new eyeglasses
I heard Molly whining, but it was still dark. Way too early, I thought, but what the heck. Didn't I plan to drive to Algodones for pickup of my new eyeglasses? 


So I got up and went outside with Molly. The car was covered in ice and boy did I get the shiver. Back inside the furnace had kicked in and I put on the water boiler. Get a cup of coffee and then - on with the day.

I left camp at 7:30 and went onto the old Hwy 80 towards Yuma. 
Quickly I got across the border and as usual the "market shouters" tried to get my attention, once I was walking the street in Algodones. Luckily, the optometrist isn't far from the border. So it didn't take me long to get the glasses. I walked straight back to the border crossing and to my car.

Used the opportunity to gas up with cheaper Arizona gas and got 2 decent breads from the European Deli place.  Was back in Camp at 10:15am. Not bad for going after some business on an early friday morning.

It was napping time after lunch and somehow I managed to snore away 1 1/2hrs of this beautiful sunny day. Had to fully waken up again with a good old cup of coffee and an icecream.

Made an honest attempt to attend a neighbors bonfire, but with the plunging temps we got too cold and went home.

So that was all and funny enough I am tired again. Too much excitement for one day, I guess.

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  1. That's what I like to do when I'm retrieving medications in Algodones--get in early and get out! Avoid that afternoon border crossing line at all costs!

  2. Ice? You had ice on your car? We haven't had ice up here but it sure is chilly.

  3. I'm with Jeri - you had ICE on your car???? That's a horrible thing. But you did make good time in Mexico. You deserved your nap especially after having ICE on your car!!

  4. You had the ice because we left there on Thursday and brought the heat with us to Pilot Knob. LOL. Always like the deal in Algodones. Old hwy 80 would have been much smoother in the car fro sure.

  5. Back in Holtville LTVA and there is only matter that is on everyone's mind.
    The closed access over the bridge over the irrigation canal on Evan Hewes Hwg north/east of ramp 115/van der Linden Rd.
    One thing I want to explain here. It is not the bridge itself that is damaged, it is the access road entering the bridge from the east. Recently someone climbed under the bridge to have a look and he said that the ground is washed out and you can park a car in that hole. So - it is serious. A heavy vehicle could make the pavement collapse at any time.

    They would have to fix the "Aggregate Base Course". (that is: The layer of material immediately beneath the pavement. It may be composed of crushed stone, crushed
    or uncrushed sand and gravel, or combinations of these materials. To provide the service intended it must be uniform in strength to support the pavement. Source: )


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