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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Warning after the party and a very quiet Day
So there was the day, the last one in 2011. And like every year, people are celebrating this night, as the old year is being followed by a new one. And almost like opening a new box, most of us have expectations to what it might contain. 

Personally, I really don't want to predict anything, not for ourselves nor for others. If we wait patiently, the secrets of this new year will be revealed to us - in time.

Our annual New Years Party was a great success, About 140 people came and enjoyed the great weather which was especially kind this year. Did I mention that we have costume parties out here? Though not everyone was dressed up, we sure had a wide variety of odd-looking people around.

While some had costumes in most colors of the rainbow, others were dressed mystiquely in black.

Because of a rather high average age of the participating crowd, the party had begun at 1pm, with food being served around 3pm and the greeting of a new year at 6pm. 

Now, even with the various time zones on this continent, I know that no Champagne bottles are popping in NYC before 9pm PST, which means we've been 3 hours early. But that doesn't really diminish the fun for us out here. 

And we did not have Champagne last night at all, which doesn't mean I did not buy one ahead of the game. 

When the first of January ran up with warm sunny weather today, and I had finished walking with Molly, talked to a neighbour and gotten home again, I remembered the Champagne. It was sitting in the fridge, nice and cool, just waiting to be taken out. So I popped the bottle, invited the neighbours and poured us a glass.

Studying the cork I discovered that it displayed a warning. It said that the bottle was under high pressure, should not be shaken, and when the detailed instructions for removing the cork were followed, the bottle neck should point away from the face and the body of any person.
It was definitely the first time I ever saw that kind of warning on a cork. But then this bottle was an American bottle and to make things worse it was from California. Seems to me that the State of California is really concerned about the peoples safety. Or is it that Californians take an easy liking to sue everybody?

Whatever, we shan't go there!

After a taste of Champagne I remembered that I needed kale. In case you don't know kale, you have to wait until we have made a succulent dinner of it. Bea might then display it on her blog. Anyway, driving through town I couldn't help noticing that most stores had closed and the few which were open were nearly empty. Little traffic on the streets as well.

Getting back to the camp I had the feeling of driving into a ghost town. There was NOBODY around, and the rigs seemed to be abandoned. 

Huh? Quiet day or what?

Ok, I will lay down to deepen my tan. Why don't you do the same?

Don't get burned!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Some people really do get into that costume thing, don't they. We celebrated with New York and went to bed. So exciting. But I'm with you right there in that next chair sitting in the sun.

  2. Nice New Year's kind of timing on that, too! Have a great year, and thanks for sharing all those great pictures of the sunshine. Don't have much of that here in Eugene, Oregon this week!


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