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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is it the Age or something else?
Determined to get more nice pics I was heading out into the park again. Drove the 30-some miles to where it really gets interesting - just to discover that I had left the SD-memory card to the NIKON on the dining table in the rig. 

Should I turn back to retrieve the card, or should I continue without the possibility of taking pictures? I was torn between bad and worse. Was I slipping up lately or what was going on? And it wasn't the first time I had left that card at home.

I decided the mental battle towards going on through the park. If it really turned out nice I could go back tomorrow for the pics.

So I went on. Shortly after having passed the big rocks you saw a pic of the other day, the road descends into a valley.
At the park's main intersection one road leads over to the Twentynine Palms Visitor Center, while the other one heads for the Joshua Tree Visitor Center. I took the one to the Joshua Tree Visitor Center. The road climbs up to Sheep Pass, before it enters another valley. A half mile or so behind the Ryan Campground a road forks off to the Key's View Point. I like grand views and turned the Jeep upwards again. A sign is warning RVs and buses to go onto this narrow road. However, driving up this road which actually has a median and is perfectly paved I could see absolutely no reason why any size of RV would have a problem there.

Well, when I reached the top I realized the parking area wasn't measured out very generously, but I still could have parked our rig up there.
Now the Grand View - to describe it would be futile. But I can tell, that I could see right down onto the San Andreas Fault, I could catch a glance of Palm Springs and beyond the city the looming mighty San Jacinto Mountain. I had a notion of flying across the Coachella Valley. It sure was a grand view, and I hope I will not repeat forgetting to stick that SD-card into the camera ever again. And that's a promise!

And of course, there was a whole lot more than the grand view. 

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  1. Peter:
    A sure fire way that you wouldn't forget the SD card would be to have a spare. If you always bring your camera case which is what beginners do you would keep it inside the case. If you are like most of us and just take the camera tape it to the camera strap or inside your hat band.

    It's about time.

  2. I'm so sorry you forgot the SD card. When we were at the Visitor's Center it was really smoggy down below and our view wasn't all that good. But we still could see the Salton Sea and the fault line. More pictures tomorrow, okay?

  3. Too bad you forgot your card. Doesn't your camera have some internal memory so you can take a few pictures? I agree, having a spare card (and a spare battery) is always a good idea. But at least you have a good excuse to go back.

  4. I several spares but that doesn't mean a thing. I've forgotten that little SD card more than I care to comment about. It's usually still sitting back at the motorhome inside my laptop. That's usually when you see the best places to photograph too.

  5. I often forget to put the card back in the camera after downloading I can relate to your dilemma-I try to always carry a spare-because that is when you'll see the perfect shot for sure..

  6. Oh know forgetting the SD card, so far I have not done that, camera sits beside the computer leaving the access to the card open. Return card to camera and camera back into vest pocket. Hopefully a fail safe procedure.


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