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Friday, January 20, 2012

Santa Claus back at the Hot Springs!
He is "off duty" now, and has brought the reindeers back to northern Sweden, where Rudolph and his friends can enjoy a nice nordic spring and summer before they are again called to duty in next december. 
You guessed it, I'm talking about Santa Claus who came yesterday in his red-hot truck rolling down the dusty road to the Hot Springs.
Santa was nice enough to grant me a little interview. And I asked him how he ended up as Santa. 
"I had a friend who did this and at some point I took over for him when he couldn't do it"  
Apparently it must have been a lot of fun, for the new Santa decided to get on the road and be a professional. 

I am impressed about the working hours, or should I say working weeks? In the U.S. Santa starts working the 2nd.week in November, while in Canada it is the 3rd. week in November. After Christmas, Santa is off duty again and can relax from all the traveling and meeting all the kids.

By the way, our Santa here has gotten himself quite a truck to travel all these long distances. The Tractor frame was extended with a few feet and a fancy body with living quarters and a garage for a small car was built on top.

Santa made also sure that other highway drivers noticed that this was Santa-on-the-road. Approaching the truck from the rear it reads "Be Nice" and "Believe" and on the bumper are arrows for passing traffic saying "Nice Side" on the left side and "Naughty Side" for those wanting to pass Santa on the right side.

We would have liked to have Santa around for a while, because he is real nice fellow, however, Mrs.Claus is at home way up in the North and needs her husband around. So Santa is North-bound tomorrow.

Good thing I met him today. And if, you Santa, read this I can asure you that I will be nice all year round and hope you have a package with a little something for me next Christmas.

And THANK YOU, Santa for the Interview.

We are still BLOCKED off from I-8 and by now most people are using the access road from the north over 2miles of incredible dusty desert roads. 

There is no telling when construction on the bridge will start. Many I have talked to have said they won't be back next year, if the bridge stays closed. It is too much of an inconvenience.

Bea has been SICK with the flu for a couple of days, and we wonder whether that was the reason of her recent problems, when she needed to go to the E.R. However, after 2 days down she is on the road to recovery. 
Another neighbor had to go down the same road having an experience of her own at the E.R. 
Don't get the FLU!


  1. Its always nice to catch up to Santa, we saw him the other day in Quartzsite. Hope Bea gets better soon!

  2. Santa must have left Quartzsite and then headed to Hot Springs. He really gets around.

    Hope Bea is feeling better now. Having the flu is certainly no way to have any fun.


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