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Saturday, January 28, 2012

We learned that 'the event cooks about 12,000 pounds of specially ordered fresh pork ribs. Ribs are not the only thing on the menu, as tacos and side dishes will be sold by vendors. And for dessert, there will be home-made ice cream.'
12.000 pounds of pork ribs...

..waiting to be consumed

'There will be 750 volunteers and around 1,200 to 1,500 people are expected to visit. All proceeds from the ribs sold go to different charities and programs across Imperial County. 25 teams participating in the rib contest. A $1,000 grand prize is up for the team that makes the best ribs. But most of the prize money usually is donated back. '
Long lines everywhere
It was pretty breezy but that did not deter people from participating. When we (5 adults and 3 dogs), arrived at around 10:30 AM, the place was packed with locals and winter visitors (snowbirds). The aroma of grilled, smoked meat wafted through the air. 

spicy chili

Long lines everywhere for the ribs and other goodies. We got our tickets and found a booth with no line at all. 
Their grilled ribs were tasty nonetheless. Additional we got a bowl of spicy Chili. 

From up on the bleachers we got a real good look over the area.
View from the bleachers

Then back again into the line for ice cream.

The dogs tried to get our attention in vain.  
Miesha, Taffy and Molly
We enjoyed great food and good music of three bands. Now we are looking forward to the "Carrot festival" in February. There is always something going on!
Thanks for visiting! (Bea) 


  1. What a bunch of good looking ribs. And all those people. I thought the Big Tent was busy. And I love the picture of your beautiful Molly. Hope Peter is doing okay. Carrots sound a lot healthier than ribs but not near as good - well, unless it's carrot cake.

  2. Ribs and ice cream! You can't get any better than that.

  3. That looks a lot better than what I ahd for dinner:)

  4. Yummy!!!! Hope peter is doing ok in nice that your posting while hes gone :)....

  5. Man oh Man this makes my mouth get filled with juices and block the cholesterol issue for a while.....

  6. looks like you had a wonderful tasty day, yum.


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