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Thursday, January 12, 2012

We left the Park
But before we did I made another trip to Keys View Point and I started early. In fact I was up so early that I got the sunrise on pictures. But then everything went dull. Clouds everywhere and the colors just disappeared. Again I was contemplating whether I should turn back - this time for a different reason, for the SD-card was in the camera alright.

Well, I went on. At about 8:30am I reached Keys View. Got out of the car and almost lost the door in a terrible wind gust. When I climbed the last steps to the top of the view point I had to lean against a ferocious storm. It was like I had no coat on - the wind went straight through me. The haze and the grey clouds all but obscured the view towards Mt. Jacinto. Yet I took a number of shots. I knew I could remove some of the haze with help of my graphic program on my laptop.
From the Keys Viewpoint: Mt Jacinto
But this was no place to dwell on. I waited a few minutes in the car as the sun seemingly tried to break through the grey layer, but it did not improve much.

Returning down the road I stopped in the "Lost Horse Valley" for a couple of more shots. A huge rock formation, called "Cap Rock" incited my curiosity. Looking up at the rock I could see why this name was so approbriate. On top of the rock sat a smaller rock on a slope looking just like a cap.
Down here not a grass straw was moving. I met a young chap who apparently had slept the night in his station wagon. I told him about the storm at Keys View and I think he did not believe me. And I can understand that. It was just not plausible in such a quiet place as we were at.

After returning to the coach, (it was 11:30 by then) we had lunch and packed up. I had a sudden desire to get "home" to our Holtville Hot Springs camp.
We went down Box Canyon, and reached Mecca by the Salton Sea. Following Hwy 111 we stopped at Walmart in Brawley for stocking up on food. After a week with absolutely no shopping, our fridge looked like it had been robbed by some hungry desperados.

 Coming down to Holtville we had to backtrack 11 miles past the turnoff to the BLM area, as some stupid California bureaucrats had ordered the bridge across the All-American Canal closed off, this time with solid concrete barriers. We have to consider how long we are gonna stay here. With the bridge closed we have pretty much lost connection with the I-8, unless we make that 22mile (back+forth) over the cracked up old Hwy 80. It pretty much made all the shelfes in our pantry come down.

But lets not not get too much into that for now. We will evaluate the situation over the next 2 weeks.

We welcome George and Suzie Yates as new followers. You guys are parked in the same spot as we, the Holtville Hot Springs.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Loved your blog this morning. Your photos were awesome. Keep us posted on the Holtville mess.

  2. beautiful desert sunrise you captured..sure pays to get up early!!!

  3. Since I do not get up that early, I sure do appreciate your sunrise pictures. But why in the world did they close off the road. That's just ridiculous.

  4. Yes I agree about the bridge and rough road, we will look you guys up this morning before we leave. Cant leave with out meeting you!


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