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Monday, January 9, 2012

Not Bea!
After reading this mornings comments I realized that the lady besides the "bookseller" was taken to be -- BEA. That is not the case. In fact we did not see the bookseller ourselves, but because the guy is a Quartzsite institution I found this picture on the Internet and implemented it in the posting. I do that from time to time to make a better illustration. I don't know whether Bea would ever enter that bookstore!

We are now preparing for departure from Quartzsite. It is a cold morning over here, but no wind so far.


  1. When we visited the bookstore out of curiosity a couple years ago we noticed a couple women wanting their picture taken with him too. Not me either!! No way but you are right. He is a Quartzsite institution.

  2. Too funny. I wouldn't have my picture taken with him - no way. But definitely an institution in Q. Have a safe travel day.

  3. Not too sure my wife would want her picture taken with Nekked Dude. Since, A) She's not keen on having her picture taken (and certainly not put on the blog) and B) He'd need to 'put a shirt on'.
    But hey, at least he's remarkably trim. Not sure I could handle a "Homer Simpson" type of Nekked* Dude!

    *um, slang for "naked" of course.

  4. haha I wasn't sure if it was Bea or not...I couldn't imagine her letting you take her pic with him...but glad to hear it wasn't her!! But I wonder who that brave soul was...have a super week


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