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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bloggers meet at the Hot Spring
After yesterday's return from Joshua Tree National Park, it became clear that we had another blogger couple in camp. These were Georg and Suzie Yates, and this morning they came for a short visit before they were heading out again to Pilot Knob. They are fulltimers but come from Ontario, Canada. We had an easy chat about all kind of topics, but they were having plans for the day, so we said our Good Byes with the promise to meet again some day, maybe in a totally different spot.

And I went back to putting our internet contraption back on. 
Later I went on an explorative mission. I wanted to check out 3 ways to leave this area without using that darn old Hwy 80. First I went north in the camp. At the end the camp road makes a break through some bushes and one has to follow the canal road for a little bit. Then one reaches a bridge across the canal. It is an old wooden bridge and I just hope it isn't falling down when crossing it with our motor home. The distance from there to our spot is just 2 miles, which isn't too too bad.
The 2. road I checked leads under the I-8 and down through the South BLM-area. It ends up on Holdridge road and joins with the Verde School Rd. However the bridge from there across the canal is closed as well. I never got that far as I met a huge mud pudle farther down which I'd never cross in hundred years.
The 3. option is going down Holdridge Rd. right from the beginning at the south side of I-8. However I ended up at the very same mud puddle. 
Both gravel roads on the south side are way too far to go with a motor home. They are rutted, bumpy and unbelievably dusty. Nobody will get me to drive that direction.
That just leaves the old Hwy 80 or the run north out of camp for us.
I happen to come across a piece of information to the extent that Public Works had applied for funding for the bridge repair just a few days ago, inspite that the bridge has been closed with wooden barriers since july. That means the bridge will never get fixed this year, and we will not return to the Hot Springs next winter. 
It is sad that lazy bureaucrats can drag their feet that long, making life miserable for others. It is also highly remarkable that the campers at Hot Springs are being treated so badly, after we have been spending thousands of dollars every winter in the local community.

Sorry folks to bother you with this but I had to let it out. Afterall, what do we have blogs for?

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  1. California's economy is not able to fix a bridge just for the convenience of a few RVrs who don't want to exit onto 80. Yes, it is an inconvenience, but they (California legislators) have much more essential ways to spend their limited dollars. Yes, RVrs spend a lot of money in the US, but the moneys they spend would not be enough to build bridges for a limited number of people.

  2. Hey really glad we were able meet you guys this morning such a small world nice to meet fellow bloggers. We took old 80 out this morning and it is rough 45 minutes to go 12 miles. We will no be back here either until if and when the bridge opens, too bad that the thousands of other rver's feel the same and I do't blame them.

  3. Nan, you assume that it is a money-matter only. I am convinced, and I have spoken to California citizens, that it is a matter of office people dragging their feet. Besides, the bridge is hardly damaged. If authorities wanted to cover their behind, all they'd have to do is putting up a sign saying that entering the bridge would be on own risk. Weight restrictions could be put in place and speedbumps be set up.There is no way in hell, that that solid concrete bridge will fall down. Also the BLM knew that the bridge was officially closed since july, so they could have closed this camp for the season, instead of first cashing in and then letting people find their way over dangerous sandy desert roads. I can also tell you that we drove down that old Hwy 80 yesterday and that the entire pantry in the rig collapsed. That's how bad that Highway is, really. Owners of local businesses are already phoning Public Works with complaints.
    But thanks for your comment Nan, it gave me a chance to give a few more details about the situation here, as other campers are actually considering to come here.

  4. How sad that people are not going to be able to enjoy the camp there. I sure wouldn't be going down that road if we were going that direction. I would think that local business owners would be up in arms realizing how much money they are going to lose because the RVers aren't coming in. Glad you got to meet George and Suzie.

  5. We were anxious to get a report from you on that bridge especially since we had thought about heading down that way after "Q". My guess is we'll probably end up around Sidewinder Road instead .... maybe. It would be nice if they would get to work and get it fixed. However, I bet that isn't going to happen. We too hope others put the pressure on so it gets taken care sooner than later.

  6. Great photos of you, George and Suzie! Hope you get around that little detour OK!

    Mike and Dee White

  7. We live here in California and would have to agree with you 100% about Calif and the roads. Nice to see that you got a chance to meet up with George and Suzie yesterday. Looking forward to following your blog. Have a Great Weekend!

  8. I also had thought about checking out the Hot Springs after Q - not now though.


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