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Friday, January 6, 2012

Capital of all snowbirds as it is. Only a small distance from Yuma, so it seems, and yet a different world of wide open spaces with room for thousands of RVs to park.

We took off from the Hot Springs early this morning and were heading east to Yuma. Our propane tank proved to be empty and was filled up with 28.2gal. 

We never got more propane in it than that, and it has never been that empty.
Filled up with Diesel too and then we were on Hwy95 towards Quartzsite. We were going to meet Sandie and Jim from Where are the Dixons today?

We were rolling in on La Posa South LTVA at 12.30 AZ-time and were "picked-up" by Jim, meeting us at the Dump Station. From there we were guided over to where Sandie and Jim were parked together with their group of "Escapees".

Let me just say that the "welcome committee" was overhvelmingly welcoming and we felt right at home.

We spent the evening around a blazing fire and with a lot of laughter and bonfire-stories the time just flew by.

Great RV'ers these folks!

Besides of Sandie and Jim we also met bloggers Jeri and Terry from "Just Wanderin"  and Denise from 
SASSY'S ON 'DA ROAD.  Denise is the proud owner of a Harley Davidson and she has come all the way from Newfoundland to find the sunny parts of Arizona. It's always nice to meet fellow bloggers and there seems never to an ending of campfire stories.


  1. Looks like it is going to be a great time in the desert:)

  2. and another great spot in the desert...we will have to maybe try that area next year !! Enjoy

  3. Just remember Peter, we don't talk a whole lot about what we're doing out here in the desert. That's our little secret. LOL

    So glad you guys are here with us.

  4. Like Sandie said ... what happens in the desert, stays in the desert!!

    Nice to meet you folks and many more memories are ahead!

  5. So nice to meet you two. Maybe our paths will cross again back East if not before.


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