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Friday, January 6, 2012

The two Jims and a visit to the market
The morning broke with bright sunshine from across the mountains. After a delightful bacon+eggs-breakfast I went to the water posts to fetch som water in a bucket for washing the worst of the desert dust off the car.
The two taps in front of me were taken up, so I started to look around, and what I saw on the opposite site made be stare a long time. 

A Lazy Daze rig was parked there and a guy was fiddling around with a water hose. I had a feeling I had seen that rig before on Belle Starr's ranch in southern Arizona.  I walked straight over to see the license plate. Before I even saw it,the guy turned his face over to me and I saw it was Jim Melvin from Jimbo's Journeys. I had tried to contact him by email but never received an answer. Jim hadn't checked his emails the last days. :-)) So here I had found the man. Last winter we had teamed up and helped Belle with the repairs of the old ranch house. Needless to say it turned out to be a great surprise for both of us.

I invited Jim over for a coffee and we caught up on what was new and what not.

I introduced Jim to Jim Dixon and Jim said to Jim I'll remember your name! Haha... Here we had two Jims. Soon we were all standing around chattering away.

After Jim Melvin went back to his group of Lazy Days owners we went to town to look for a solar light. 

Quartzsite wasn't too busy this morning, and yet it was hard to find parking for the car. Up and down we walked the aisles, stopping here, looking there. We found the type of solar lights we were looking for and bought two. Halfway through the maze, we had to get some nourishment and helped ourselves to two Cheeseburgers with a drink.

Then it was time to head back to the rig. La Posa South is only about 2 or 3 miles from town, but when they start the big RV-show next week it will get awfully congested.
But by then we will be back at the Hot Springs enjoying the peace.

Peace to You!


  1. I love the colorful picture of the vendors. I can't believe you didn't try some of that chocolate covered bacon.

  2. We want to go to Quartzsite, so bad. Maybe we can get there in the next month.

    Chocolate covered Bacon?? Are they serious? Did you taste any?

  3. There are so few parking spots in front of the vendors but there is a small lot on the west end. However, even that one will soon start filling up. Lots more vendors will show and so will all the RV'ers.

  4. It was so great meeting up with both of you yesterday. It just shows that it is a small world. I am hoping I can see you later down the road in our great adventures.


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