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Monday, January 9, 2012

New followers... 
Over the last days 4 new followers have found it worth while to follow this blog. These are Jeri and Terry from "Wanderin", Toni and Doug from "Palamine", Sassy and Bennie from "Sassy's on 'Da Road", Rick and Kathy Rousseau, and finally Donna K from "Travels in Therapy".  I hope you guys are having fun here, and welcome onboard!

...and the Joshua Tree National Park
After we had said good bye to our new RV-friends, we had a great ride to the Joshua Tree National Park.

We weren't sure about whether it was wise to drive the big rig into the park and whether campgrounds could accommodate the 59ft of rig, but we made it to the visitor center from I-10. 

The info we got re. campgrounds made us turn around and seek a nice spot in the BLM-area just south of the park entrance. The BLM is on both sides of the Cottonwood Spring Rd. and south of I-10.

After setting up we took the car for a drive up into the park.
The stretch from the south entrance to the center of the park is about 30 miles. There are informational turnouts along the way, but the landscape did not offer any spectacular views until we came to Jumbo Rocks. 

Upon close inspection we discovered that the rocks are consisting of a rough sand or a very fine gravel. The very same sand makes up the desert floor. The answer to that is EROSION. The entire landscape is extremely eroded and according to the parks brochures 100 millions of years old.

When reaching Jumbo Rock we were running a bit late. We had left Molly at home and needed to return to the rig.

We put our chairs under a tree and enjoyed a great cup of coffee. With the setting sun I ventured about the area trying to shoot a couple of nice pics. I discovered a huge wash behind a levy. Everything in the wash was bright green and I even found flowers in full bloom. What a beautiful place!

We will probably do some more discovering activity tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Flowers of the Desert


  1. Of course, we find it worthwhile following your blog!

    Gorgeous photos and your new site looks super. We're glad you made it safe and we miss you!

  2. We love Joshua Tree Park. I guess the sites in the park are not big enough?? Good to know. Nice pictures of the flowers.

    Mike and Dee White

  3. We love Joshua Tree also. But I sure didn't find any flowers like that when I was there. Your pictures are so beautiful. Glad you got their safely. Give Molly a big love for me.

  4. what a great parking space!!..enjoy yourselves!!

  5. Love your pics!!!

  6. You pictures make us wish we were there.

    It's about time.

  7. We read about you guys on Jim and Sandy's blog. Very nice pictures, look forward to traveling along with you.

    Stop in and check out our blog although we are pretty quiet now since it is winter and we spend a few months in the Phoenix area.

    Bob and Jo

  8. Just found your blog thru Jim and Sandie's. Joshua Tree is on my list of must dos but haven't made it there yet. Beautiful photos!

  9. Great pictures...we love Joshua Tree NP and always enjoy seeing pictures of her beauty.

  10. Just found you blog and will be on you list of followers.
    We enjoyed Joshua Tree National park a couple years ago and do enjoy Quartzsite, (heading there on monday).


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