Friday, November 17, 2023

The Sunsets Of The Deserts

 We have heard it several times: What are you doing in the desert? Why are you staying in the desert?

The questions deserve an answer. First of all, there is the weather. Dry and warm air persists throughout the winter.

Rain is extremely rare. And when it comes in February/March the desert turns into a flower garden.

The Desert is not overcrowded like f.e.x Florida is during winter months. If one seeks solitude, one can find it in the desert. 

The areas S.California, Arizona and partly Nevada offer BLM areas, where folk may set up camp, either in 14-day free-areas or with a permit valid for 7 months for $180. This is by far, the most budget-friendly solution for camping. Just 2 - 3 days in an average private campground could cost you the same amount. 

Most areas are so spacious that you will not have to park anywhere near "the other rig". Eastern states do not offer BLM areas for camping.

Deserts are natural and in most cases undisturbed areas where the view and experiences in nature are abundant. And part of the latter are stunningly beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

What I haven't mentioned yet: We have always met our best friends in the desert. There we find folks with similar interests, most of whom pursue a simple lifestyle close to basic needs.

Another thing why we really like to stay at BLM is the personal freedom. Naturally, common courtesy is required also in a BLM camp, but the limits are generously set. You want a campfire at your site? Go build one and invite your neighbours. Look up in the dark sky and you'll see millions of stars. 

The desert invites to desert walks. With open eyes you may see and follow natural life on the ground. Special insects, coyotes, birds, lizards and so much more lives on the desert floor. And yes, snakes are part of it, but there is no reason to be afraid of them. During cooler winter days they hibernate. Night temps are cool or even cold. The ground doesn't retain the higher day temps, and snakes and lizards become sluggish to immobile and don't appear in the open during winter days.

These are the most prevalent reasons why we and others are seeking the desert, rather than doing camping in a strictly regulated RV Resort, where the yearly fees can be thousands of Dollars.


  1. This is a very well explained posting and I appreciate it. Thank you.

  2. I too, love the desert. It is just as you describe it. The sky is massive and it is almost as if you can reach the stars. There is no place like it.



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