Wednesday, January 19, 2022

I Have Lowered The Antenna

The aerial on our trailer has been lowered to transport position. That does not mean we are leaving. It is simply the result of my frustration with what TV channels are blasting around these days. This must be the new low in what Americans are served through their Home TV. I am well aware of that most people will have additional pay-channels where they can choose what they want to watch and possibly they might find some good stuff there. But the free channels are just - - -  junk!. And here, close to the Mexican border, that includes every free channel in Spanish. Between endless commercials they show stupid shows destined to entertain brainless people,

So, no more of that. Luckily for us, there is YouTube. YouTube makes it possible to watch real news. News, which has not been converted into a Fox-style entertainment show, but where facts of the daily happenings in the country are presented. As an example of the visible difference, I took a picture of the German Channel 1 evening news.

Instead of having a group of joking show-style ladies and guys, a single, well-dressed gentleman appears who presents the news without ANY FORM of political bias. Already in school we learned about the difference between facts and opinion. American shows are presenting opinion dressed up as facts. But in our complex and multifaceted world of today, we should all know the difference. It could keep us from hating each other, but rather contribute to further a constructive conversation to make things better.

Here is the link to the show of January 18 of the German channel 1 (ARD) Even if you don't understand German, you will see the difference. Go ahead and compare it with any American (not only FOX) news show.  


  1. US news media is abysmal. Even the vaunted New York Times can no longer be fully trusted to present truth and not opinion. Let us not even speak of Fox news. I think this country is lost because the citizens level of critical thinking skills is so low due to poor education. It's sad to see.

  2. It has been over seven years since I have had a TV in my rig. It has been wonderful.


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